The Biggest Deal There Is

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The Biggest Deal There Is

Slow-mo commercial for Kodak Max, exhorting young women to "flash" young men. PSA against teen peer pressure. "Veesah" ad with an Olympic pole vaulter. I can't call it that myself. It will always be my "Veeza" card. Cola commercial with polka-ing senior citizens. Hey, it's the Pepsi generation, coming atcha, going strong. You've gotta a lot to give and a lot to live...especially if you eat Snackwell's Coconut Creams. Snackwell's likens eating their cookies to wearing a push-up bra to work and hiding the remote. Alex, what are things that do nothing to improve your life? The WB wants to you watch a Jack and Jill episode.

And again, Felicity and Ben are in his bed, partially clad and going at it. She asks him what he would do if their positions were reversed. Hey, whoa, I don't think they can show that kind of sexual activity on television, even on the WB. Actually, she wants to know what he would do if he had a great internship opportunity. He says it would depend on the job. She mentions that when she saw him talking to Natalie, she realized that even if they were in the same city, she couldn't "babysit their relationship." Ben says that he thinks she should take the museum job. Felicity frowns and says it is too late. Ben tells her that it isn't too late and she should go talk to the professor in the morning. She asks if that is what he would do. He says he would definitely take the job. She says that maybe it was "drastic" of her to turn it down. Ben says, "It's not like, it's not like, y'know, we're, we're..." She says, "No, no, I know, I know..." Ben suggests that they slow things down a bit. Felicity thinks, "That's probably smart." Well, that little exchange has definitely killed the mood.

At the loft, Meghan tells Sean that she's going to be a counselor at Wicca camp this summer, in Illinois. Sean says that he thought she got kicked out of Wicca camp last summer. She informs him that the camp is now under new management and she has to concentrate on being the best Wiccan she can be, which means that she can't be distracted by him. According to Meghan, their night together was a mistake and it can never happen again. Sean says that he understands and they look into each other's eyes for a few moments. Since they are sitting on his bed, when Meghan says, "So, just one more time," they are able to grab each other and fall onto the bed.

Felicity tracks down Professor Morton to ask if it is too late for her to accept the internship. It turns out that the professor has offered the job to one of her grad students, and he may accept it. The prof says she'll call Felicity if the other student doesn't take the job.

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