The Biggest Deal There Is

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The Biggest Deal There Is

Ben and Sean are setting the table at the loft, when Sean says he can't believe that Felicity accepted the internship over Ben. Richard appears and says, "Now you know what it's like to be Knoll." What, did Ben get his nostrils enlarged and I missed it?

Out on the street, Elena is looking at a fugly pink macraméd fishing net that it is passing as a dress, while Felicity tells her about Ben wanting to take things slow.

Back at the loft, Ben tells Sean that he told Felicity that she should take the internship. Richards butts in and says, "It sounds like you and Chia head are officially on the rocks, Mr. Slick." Ben tells him not to refer to her as Chia head. Richard starts to walk away and he pats Ben on the right pec. Ben says, "And don't pat me." Maybe Ben should pat him back, but with his fist.

On the street, Felicity whines to Elena that someone else has first chance at getting the internship. Elena, who is now holding the pink monstrosity, doesn't think Felicity has a problem because now she is free to go to Palo Alto with Ben. However, Felicity isn't sure she wants to go back home for the summer because she thought she and Ben might actually be in love and now she doesn't know. Elena asks her if she loves Ben and Felicity doesn't say anything.

Julie is sitting in a booth at Epstein Bar. That place should charge these people rent. Her birth mother walks in and they have an awkward hug. Carol is, of course, also the mother to Malcolm in the Middle. They sit down and Julie says that she's been doing really well. Mrs. Inthemiddle lets the small talk continue for about a minute before breaking the news that Julie's birth father is sick. Julie looks stunned, well, more than usual, and asks, "How sick?"

Knoll is strolling down the street and he runs into Natalie, who is standing outside smoking a cigarette. Knoll passes her than asks if she is there for the wedding dinner. They establish that they will both be attending and Knoll asks if she is waiting for someone. Natalie tells him that she's just out having a cigarette. Knoll tries to be all Rico Suavé and says that if he knew her better he would tell her to quit smoking. She says that if he knew her that well, she'd tell him to screw off. Hey, don't let the fact that you just met him stop you from telling him to screw off, nobody else does. They exchange a bit more banter then introduce themselves. I guess Knoll is now officially over Ruby.

The loft is full of people sitting at several tables and chairs. How gracious of Sean to host this shindig. Everyone is eating and drinking. Richard is torturing a guy sitting next to him with his idea for fillerupnow.com, "they bring the gas to you." Every time Richard appears, he brings me gas. He can list that on his résumé, right under vomit-inducing, which he nailed in last week's episode. At another table, Julie sits morosely and Javier is heard to say, "I miss the Dinah Shore Show." Me too! Actually, I don't exactly miss it, but I'd love to see it again. What is Charles Nelson Reilly doing these days, anyway? Knoll tells Natalie that he is originally from Boston and asks if she's ever been to New York before. Ben and Felicity just look at each other. Tracy and Elena squabble about their summer plans. Sam hisses to Javier, "I can't believe you didn't tell me you're doing that." Javier says, "Well, I didn't want to say anything in case it didn't happen." Samuel says, "But it did and it is going to change things."

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