The Biggest Deal There Is

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The Biggest Deal There Is

Meghan is talking to people at her table and Sean gets up and leans over her with a basket of garlic bread and asks if she wants some. Knoll says that he'll take some and Sean stands staring at Meghan. Felicity clinks her glass to get everyone's attention and goes and stands by Javier to make a toast, in her capacity as best man. She bleats on about him being the biggest romantic on the planet. Samuel concurs, and kisses Javier on the cheek, and everyone ooohs and ahhhs. Meghan asks Knoll if he's going to eat his garlic bread, he says no, so she grabs it. Felicity says, "Javier sees the best version of life, I think that's why we all love him so much." Someone in the crowd says, "Very nice," and Felicity glances at Ben. She takes a breath, then talks about how deep Samuel's and Javier's love is and how rare it is. Continuing on in the same vein, she further praises their relationship in an attempt to jab Ben about their relationship. Ben jumps up and says he wants to add something to the speech. Felicity says she not done, but Ben keeps going anyway. He talks about when Javier's visa was up and how he and Samuel made sacrifices so they could stay together. The whole thing escalates and stops being Javier and Samuel and starts being about Ben and Felicity. They take their argument into Ben's room. He says he was trying to be supportive and she counters that he was indifferent. He moans that she chose a job over him and she complains that he wants slow things down. He claims that he only said that because he thought that was what she wanted. She says she only agreed to it because he was freaking out. At that point, Ben grabs her and they start kissing. They start undressing each other and fall onto the bed. Felicity's voice-over states, "The first time Ben and I had sex, there were forty people in the next room, and no one knew what we were doing." But, everyone did know what they were doing because they were all turned in the chairs, looking toward Ben's room. Javier gets up and asks everyone to start talking "so it's not so obvious we know." Conversation resumes. That is the tackiest thing ever! Maybe they should have just gotten it on during any of their other marathon snogging sessions that they had in private instead of embarrassing everyone at the party. Kids today.

McDonald's has a Dinosaur promotion going on. McDonald's and Disney: junk food for the stomach and soul. Alyssa Milano has time to do a 1-800-COLLECT commercial after completing her day job on Charmed. Coke thinks that a million dollars will mend a broken heart. A Popular trailer is shown. WB News at 11. Friendly's rips off McDonald's who ripped off Dairy Queen, with their Cyclone. The iMac Special Edition is apparently just like a car. I think the iMac handles better though. Near East markets their couscous as a replacement for potatoes. Actually, I've purchased that brand of couscous, and it's pretty good.

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