The Biggest Deal There Is

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The Biggest Deal There Is

Felicity and Ben are basking in the post-coital light and she is teasing him about saying "ennythin" instead of anything, and "Have-ee-ay" instead of Javier, but he denies doing either. He does say that he is sorry that she lost the internship. She doesn't think he is but he seems sincere in saying that he does. She says that they'll be together all summer because his flight is leaving tomorrow and hers is three days later.

At what could be Central Park, a crowd has gathered under a white marquee. Tuxedoed men are carrying huge floral displays toward it. Julie and Ben are wiping down white chairs under the tent when he asks her if she is all right. She says she is okay and he inquires about the call from her birth mother. Julie explains that she saw Mrs. Inthemiddle the day before and that her birth father needs a kidney transplant. Mrs. Inthemiddle wants Julie to be tested to see if she would be a suitable donor. Julie reacted by stomping out because she was angry that her mother wouldn't let her meet her father, and because she didn't get back in touch until she needed Julie. Ben acknowledges that Mrs. Inthemiddle has handled things very badly, but he points out that Mr. Inthemiddle is an innocent party who doesn't know who she is, but could be helped by her. Julie just looks sullen and doesn't mewl anything.

Felicity is helping Javier, who is also dressed in a tux, with his collar. Javier claims that he has jitters all over his whole body. He asks her how he looks on a scale of one to ten, with ten being him. She says that he is at least a ten. He says she's the best friend a person can have and they hug. Sean has forwarded calls on the loft phone to his cell phone and he brings Felicity the phone, since there is a call for her. Javier freaks out and thinks that Samuel is backing out or that any number of catastrophes have happened. It is just Professor Morton calling to offer Felicity the internship again.

Knoll escorts Natalie to some seats directly in front of Elena and Tracy. Elena is wearing the macraméd dress and she asks Knoll where he was all night. Knoll says that he and Natalie spent the night walking around the city. Elena demands, "All night?" Natalie asks if Elena has never done anything like that before. Elena snarls, "If we get to know each other better, I'll let you in on things like that." Natalie takes it in her stride and turns around in her seat and says "Wow." Meghan is heading for a seat when Sean spots her and drags her away from the marquee to talk to her. He says that he's going to talk and he wants her to keep her "cruelty and sarcasm" to herself. He claims that they have spent "two of the most fun nights of all time together" but that she looks at him like he's insulted her. He reminds he is letting her stay at his loft as a favour and he "deserve[s] and demand[s] the courtesy of some kindness." Meghan rolls her eyes and glares at him. Sean takes a box out of his jacket and hands it to her because when he saw it, he thought of her. She opens it to reveal a small silver skull on a silver chain. Meghan says, "No one's ever given me jewellery before." Sean interrupts her to say that it's nothing much. She continues, "Let me finish, that I don't wear in my nose, tongue or bellybutton." Sean says, "Oh."

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