The Biggest Deal There Is

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The Biggest Deal There Is

Javier walks down the aisle with his mother to the strains of the Wedding March, played on the guitar. The woman playing his mother could really be his mother. They both look adorable. Felicity, a clergywoman, Samuel, and his best man are waiting for Javier at the end of the aisle. The clergywoman begins, "There is no more precious gift than love. There is no more sacred institution than that of marriage, two lives brought together, to form one." Javier says, "I'm not going to make this without crying." The clergywoman continues, "Your commitment must be primary. Know that in the days and years to come, you will laugh together, cry together, go through light days and dark..." [At this point, Richard wells up and has to ask the woman in front of him for a tissue] "...be sick and well, but always you will love." She asks for the rings, then announces that Javier and Samuel have written their own vows. Javier begins, "Dearest Samuel, you are my light, my soul, you are my best friend, my lover, and also my roommate. I feel that it's almost not possible that I met you, but I did. I want to thank you for being so understanding, especially that I didn't tell you until last night that next year, I'm going to be a freshman at the University of New York. And I promise that I will always do everything I can do to make you feel as blessed to be my partner as I am to be yours. I love you." The gang all exchange glances when they hear about Javier becoming a student. Samuel begins, "My sweetheart," and Javier interrupts because he needs tissues. Samuel continues, "I look at you and I see love. I look at you and I see my future. No one who knows you can't consider himself blessed. To be the man who gets to grow old with you, I am truly the most blessed man alive. I thank God for you, and I love you." The clergywoman wraps everything up by saying, "Having proclaimed your profound love for each other, in the presence of family and friends, I now pronounce you partners in life." Samuel and Javier kiss and I feel the need to wipe away a small tear.

Now they're cutting the cake and not doing that obnoxious "smash-the-cake-in-your-spouse's-face" thing. Most of the guests are dancing and having a good time. Ben looks at the happy couple and mentions to Felicity that "they're so happy, they're not worried about anything." He points out that he said anything and not "ennythin." Felicity tells him that Professor Morton has offered her the internship again. He asks if she is going to take it and she says she is. They stare at each other for a bit and then he says, "Well, we better start dancing." They get up from the table hit the dance floor. Knoll tells Natalie that he feels "a connection" to her even though they've only known each other for a day. Natalie wonders if he is still heartbroken over Ruby. He says he doesn't care if he is desperate to make a connection because he has spent the past year "trying to do the right thing and be the nice guy" and he is sick of it. Always the charmer, that Knoll. Natalie purrs, "Do you ever feel like doing something dangerous?" Knoll flares his Knollstrils and asks what she means. She restates it by saying, "Do you feel like doing something scary?" Believe me, honey, spending a week with Knoll will be the scariest thing you've ever done. Knoll stares straight into her eyes and belts back his drink. Natalie, don't let this one get away! Julie is sitting on her own and clearly moping. Javier gets her on her feet and on to the dance floor because "nobody pouts at [his] wedding." Samuel is dancing with a little girl, Elena with Tracy, Javier with Julie, Ben with Felicity, Knoll with Natalie, now Javier and Samuel are dancing together. Felicity murmurs to Ben that she doesn't want him to leave tomorrow.

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