The Break-Up Kit

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The Break-Up Kit

Previously on Felicity: Avery invited Ben to Southampton; Felicity accused Ben of having a thing with Avery; Ben revealed that he's on academic probation; Knoll contemplated moving to Seattle.

At the girls' apartment, Felicity is flinging paint against a canvas and calling it "painting." Elena wonders whether she's doing it for class, and Felicity declares that she's "just painting." Maybe she's been studying Paul-Émile Borduas and les automatistes, because there's certainly nothing "planned" about her painting. Elena is mopey because she saw Tracy, and she says the hardest part of breaking up isn't breaking up; it's living with it. Someone's at the door. Why, it's Molly! Elena and Felicity greet her joyfully. They all hug and slop sugar on each other for a while. Molly assures them that she's fine and feels good being back in New York. She beams that she's "clean" for the first time in a year. However, she's grinning like a rabbit on crank, so I don't know if I believe her straight-arrow claims. And how about "owning" your mistakes? She hasn't even asked Elena whether her arm is healed or anything about the aftermath of the shooting that her boyfriend was responsible for. Instead, she asks how things are with Ben and Tracy. Elena and Felicity exchange looks, and Elena asks what's going on with Ben. Felicity mumbles, "N-Nothing. Well, I mean...It's nothing." Molly opens her suitcase to get out the present she has brought back for them: it's a jar of mud facial treatment. Elena grabs it and exclaims, "This is exactly what I need. Something to make me feel like I'm not the ugliest girl in school." Molly suggests that they get started on the facials right away. Elena excitedly agrees. What a dumb souvenir of England. She should have brought some Marks & Sparks bikkies or Lush goodies. And, just how did she get back into the country, anyway? Does the INS have a special on crackhead-gun-moll-student visas?

At the loft, Meghan is setting up the table with candles and crystals for a séance she's having later. Sean comes in yammering about "meteoroids," and she informs him that he can get "hemorrhoids from staying in the bathroom too long." He sighs that he was reading and asks if everything on the table is "for The Pickle?" She retorts, "I know you don't believe me, but I've had séances where I've contacted my dead dog." Sean begs her to agree that trying to contact the dog is stupid. She snaps that she doesn't call things he does stupid. He states that he always admits it when he does stupid things. Furthermore, he doesn't believe that it's possible to communicate with the dead. Meghan dismisses him as "so closed-minded." Sean prefers to think of his opinions as "normal." Ben wanders out of his room, and Sean invites him to participate in the "canine séance" later on. Ben declines the offer. Sean asks whether he's going to continue "moping around" because if so, he wants to know what his schedule is going to be. Ben mutters something and marches out the door. Sean says, "It's a real joy living with that guy, I'll tell you that." When my esteemed partner was growing up, his neighbours had a dog named Pickles and he once got in trouble for mocking the dog's name within earshot of the owners. I have to agree that it's a dumb name for a dog, dead or alive.

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