The Christening

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The Christening

Well, it's the third season of Felicity and the second season of MBTV Felicity recaps. Welcome back to all the returning readers and welcome to all the newbies, too. Before I get started, I just wanted to make it clear to everyone that I am aware that there is a character on the show whose name is Noel. However, all of the actors on the show pronounce that name as if it were spelled Knoll, so that is how I shall continue to refer to him. I don't want to read any complaints in the forums or receive any more idiotic email informing me of the error of my ways. All such comments will be treated with utter contempt, so don't claim that I didn't warn you. ["Particularly since it's also in the FAQ. People, we didn't write that shit up for our health. Please read it." -- Wing Chun] There will be all-new episodes shown this fall; then in the new year, Jack and Jill will return for a dozen or so new episodes. ["That is, it will return to the airwaves, but not to Mighty Big TV; we will not be recapping it anymore." -- Wing Chun] Let's all enjoy it while we can and hope that the rumours of Amy Jo Johnson's ouster from the show come true.

The new season of Felicity brings new opening credits. Gone is Amy Jo Johnson "lo-dee-doe-DAHing" tunelessly, this year there's an actual song with lyrics. And when I say "lyrics," I mean that the phrase "a new version of me-eee" is repeated a lot and I think it ends with "you wanna go where everybody knows your name." It's a Cheers-for-the-new-millenium theme. I'm ably assisted with this recap by Quinn, who hates Felicity, yet has joined me to watch the season premiere. If you think I'm harsh, you've never heard Quinn in full-tilt rant boogie.

The credits may have changed but this episode starts out like so many others have: in slow motion. Felicity is back out on the street and although her hair is a bit longer, she's still purposefully striding along with a hopeful look on her face. Javier pulls up in a cab and sticks his head out the window and screeches, "My little angel!" He hops out of the cab and has a joyous reunion with Felicity. After they finish hugging and Javier admonishes the cab driver to be careful with his bags, he asks after the rest of the gang. Felicity tells him and thus delivers a little exposition to the audience. She reports that everyone is fine but she hasn't spoken to Knoll all summer, in fact since he disappeared with Javier's cousin Gnatalie from Javier and Samuel's wedding. The Gnatalie thing is a joke, people, so don't get your gnickers in a gnot. Javier is shocked to find out that Knoll and Gnat are together and he proceeds to slag her off quite viciously. Felicity tells him about the "student apartment that's supposed to be amazing" that she, Julie, and Elena are going to be sharing. Javier offers to give them furniture from his friend Mitchell's apartment. Felicity explains to Sean's Docuventary videocamera that Javier's friend is moving to Chicago and he needs to get rid off some furniture. Hey, what a shout-out to me! By the time you're reading this recap, I'll be in Chicago, visiting some friends.

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