The Christening

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The Christening

Out on the street, Felicity opines, "Knoll is trying to be all impulsive, which is what I was trying to do with the apartment."

Also on the street, Tracy, Elena, and Richard whine about Knoll's new lifestyle. Richard is particularly up in arms. Methinks his feelings for Knoll run pretty deep.

Felicity and Javier are walking and discussing the apartment situation. He advises her not to give up so easily, since there are always difficulties at the beginning of any cohabitation. He gives her money to take a taxi instead of the subway. They hug each other and both say that they love each other before parting. I just love Javier.

At the dorm apartment, Elena discovers a weepy Julie. She asks her if she's thinking about her father. Julie claims that she's fine and that she just wants to be alone.

Ben confesses on the Docuventary that he's frustrated about the "stupid apartment." He declares, "I don't get it, through all the filth and vermin, she sees something beautiful." Sean states, "I've got news for you: she sees you through the same eyes." Oh, puh-leeze! Ben runs out, refusing to let Sean follow him.

Ben has lit a million candles at the Brooklyn apartment, which surprises Felicity when she returns home. He apologizes for the l'affaire du bain and tells her that he wants to make it work. She breaks the news that she has already informed the building manager that she wants out. They get all lovey-dovey, the romance that she's been pining for all episode, and hop in the bath together, while Top Loader's cover of Dancin' in the Moonlight plays in the background. They decide that they still want to live together, just not in that apartment.

Javier drops an anvil on our heads when he tells Sean's videocamera, AGAIN, that Gnatalie spells trouble.

Knoll carries Gnat over the threshold of their apartment and calls her "Mrs. Crane." Apparently, he loves trouble.

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