The Declaration

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The Declaration

Javier comes to Elena's room. He walks in and says that Almondina gave him something to return to Elena. Javier hands Elena a picture of a woman in a wedding dress and says, "It's your mother, isn't it?" Elena acknowledges that it is. Javier says he didn't know that she was trying to copy her mother's dress, and that he forgot that her mother's not around anymore for her. Javier concludes, "That would be so hard for me." Elena says that she thought if she wore the dress, her mother would be there with her. Okay, I know this is sappy, but it's really sad. Javier tells Elena that they will call Almondina and get the dress perfect. Elena gives Javier a big hug. Snif.

Mr. Porter knocks on Felicity's apartment door. She opens it and asks whether he wants to come in. Mr. Porter says he has a car waiting downstairs, so Felicity follows him into the hall. Mr. Porter gives the signed papers back to Felicity. She looks down at them, and then says thanks, as if she's not sure those are the right words in this situation. Mr. Porter confesses that this is not how he wanted this trip to go, and that he loves her. Felicity says she knows, and that she loves him too. She continues, "I just...I think this is important. I'm not a little girl anymore." Mr. Porter asks how Cavallo liked her stuff. Felicity lies that he loved it, and that she got into the class. She smiles for her dad, who responds, "Good for you." The elevator arrives, so he hugs Felicity goodbye and leaves. Felicity stares down at the papers in her hand. While I do think that what Mr. Porter did kind of sucks, Felicity only has to take out loans for one year of college. One year! That's like nothing. But I guess she's more upset about the lack of parental support and her own lack of direction than the money.

Felicity walks down the street in slow motion as FVO says, "It's hard to articulate this thing that I'm so afraid of, the future. I mean, why should we be so afraid of the future? It's just time, isn't it?" Felicity sits alone on the roof. Noel shows up in his suit and asks what she's doing there. Felicity says that she came to see Noel, but that he wasn't there, so she came up to their "summer hangout." Noel takes a seat. Felicity asks how the job thing went. Noel says that it didn't happen, because "it turns out Rod likes a lot of people. Turns out Rod is fickle. Rod has problems." Felicity is sad for him, but Noel claims that it's not a big deal. Felicity thinks that it is, and Noel admits that she's right. Felicity reveals that she got turned down for the Honors Program. Noel is sad for her. Felicity says, "And it occurred to me, in sort of a huge way, that maybe my dad's right -- that we're just lost." Felicity cries a little, and Noel looks at her sadly. Noel asks how they can both be so wrong about each other. Noel leans forward and rests his forehead against hers, and then kisses her forehead. Felicity says, "Maybe we're just...I don't know." Noel continues to kiss her forehead, and it's starting to look a little less consoling than I'm comfortable with. Felicity looks up at him, and then raises her face to his and they kiss on the lips, softly at first, and then with more intensity. Then they're, like, full-on making out. My cry of "Nooooooooo!" echoes for miles around. And then there are no previews for the next episode. They're killing me.

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