The Declaration

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The Declaration

Sean wants to tell Felicity about his argument with Meghan, over Meghan's continued protests. Sean ignores her and explains that on the plane back from Switzerland, they played a game where you had to name who you would have sex with, out of anyone in the world. Felicity laughs. Sean said Elizabeth Hurley, which he thinks is a "perfect answer." Sean reveals that Meghan's answer was Tracy. Like Elena's fiancé, Tracy. Felicity cracks up as Meghan protests that Tracy is hot. Sean points out that Tracy is marrying Elena, and is their friend, so Meghan could potentially have sex with him. Yeah, isn't the whole point of that game to talk about hot celebrities? Like, say, Scott Speedman? Where is he, anyway? Meghan announces that she doesn't want to involve Felicity in their argument, and she and Sean walk out, but not before Meghan ascertains that Felicity is doing well.

Felicity stands outside an office as slow jazz plays on the soundtrack. She watches the silhouette of some guy pacing inside, and braces herself, then opens the door and enters the office. FVO tells us that you would think, as a senior, she would be at the point where someone's personal opinion of her wouldn't matter. Felicity stands with her portfolio under her arm, so I guess this has something to do with that Honors Arts Program. She waits for Pacing Dude to get off the phone. He turns and says, "What?" Felicity says, "Nothing," then turns and runs out.

Back at the loft, Felicity tells Noel what happened. Noel puts on a tie as he suggests that she go back tomorrow. Felicity thinks she would be too embarrassed. Noel turns to ask what Felicity thinks, and the camera reveals that he's wearing a suit coat, shirt, and tie on the top, and shorts and sandals on the bottom. Felicity says that he looks great, and then encourages him to change so that they can go up to the roof and catch some rays. Felicity has her hair up in a bun and is wearing a cute bikini top with shorts. Noel proclaims that he feels good about his upcoming interviews, and Felicity agrees that he will be turning down jobs. Not in this economy, he won't. Felicity brings it all back to herself by asking whether she just ruined her chances of getting into the Honors Arts Program, when Ben walks in the door.

Felicity turns to see Ben, who softly says, "Hey." Felicity smiles and asks what he's doing there. Ben has very close-cut hair (which I like) and about a three-day growth of beard (not so much). But overall, he looks good. Ben grins and says that he came home early. Ben and Felicity both drop the bags that they were holding and embrace and start kissing. They seem genuinely happy to see each other. Noel grins, too, and greets Ben; they exchange pleasantries. It's so obvious that Ben and Felicity just want to run into the bedroom. Noel excuses himself and says that he's going to head up to the roof. Felicity promises to meet him up there in a little while, but Noel tells her to stay with Ben, and leaves with a grin. Ben puts his hands on either side of Felicity's head and says, "You know how much I missed your face?" Felicity can't believe that he's there. They kiss some more. God, I wish they would just stay together. I wish every episode was just Ben getting back from being away for three months. I might have to watch that scene again.

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