The Declaration

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The Declaration

Elena hustles into Dean & Deluca carrying a wedding dress. She slaps the dress down on the counter and asks Javier what is up with the buttons. Javier reveals that his cousin Almondina is making the dress. Elena declares the dress "a disaster." Javier says, "Put on your chill pill. I'll call her..." Elena interrupts to point out that the hemline is wrong. Javier promises to fix everything, and Elena freaks out some more. Man, is she turning into Bride-zilla or what? Javier announces that everything will be fine for two reasons: "One, she's my cousin. I don't know why that's a reason. And two, she's so fast, she's like Rumplestiltskin." Elena asks what that means, and Javier asks a passing barista who Rumplestiltskin is. Elena gives up and dumps the dress on Javier, because she has to go register for classes. As she storms out, Javier says, "Oh, lucky me." Why isn't Tracy helping with any of this? Oh, that's right. Because he's on Scrubs.

Ben and Felicity talk in bed, clearly post-coital. Felicity asks whether she can admit something terrible. Ben assents, so Felicity explains that when Ben called her and said that the one thing he found out from the EMT training program was that he doesn't want to be a paramedic, she was relieved. Ben asks why, and Felicity says that it made her feel like she's not alone in not knowing what she's supposed to do. Ben contemplates that for a while, and then says that while he doesn't want to be a paramedic, when he was there he realized something. Felicity asks what, and Ben tells her not to laugh. Felicity promises not to laugh, and sits up on her arms so that she can look in Ben's eyes. Ben declares, "I realized I want to be a doctor." Felicity doesn't really react, except to say, "Wow." The phone rings in the background, and then there's a knock at the door. Noel hollers that Felicity's father is on the phone. Felicity wants Noel to take a message, but Noel says that Mr. Porter is in town, so Felicity grabs a shirt and heads out to take the call.

Before handing over the phone, Noel advises Felicity not to let her father make her feel bad about herself. Felicity thanks him and takes the phone. We only hear Felicity's side of the conversation, but it quickly becomes apparent that her dad is saying things she doesn't really want to hear. Felicity crinkles her forehead angrily and tells her father, "For example, I'm in the Honors Arts Program, okay?" Felicity resorts to terse answers as she agrees to meet her father somewhere the following day and hangs up. She walks back into the bedroom and slams the door.

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