The Declaration

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The Declaration

Felicity sits on the bed, clearly upset. Ben asks whether she's all right, and when he gets no response, asks whether she's in the Honors Program. Felicity says that she's not. Ben asks what her father wants. Felicity says that he's just there to talk to her. Ben asks what about, and Felicity tries to pretend she's not really upset as she responds, "Just, uh, I don't know. My future." I really don't like this direction of Felicity confiding everything in Noel and not really talking to Ben. I don't like it one bit! This way leads to madness and hickeys. I saw the previews! I know!

Felicity returns to the office she ran out of the day before. Pacing Guy is still in there, so Felicity walks in, calling him "Professor Cavallo." He recognizes her from the day before, when he was on the phone. Felicity starts to apologize, but Cavallo softens and says that he's sorry for being "a little grouchy." Felicity says that he wasn't, but finally admits that he might have been a little grouchy. Felicity explains that she wants to drop off her portfolio for the Honors Program, and Cavallo confirms that they are still looking for students, and promises to call her. As Felicity turns to leave, Cavallo suggests with a laugh that, in the future, Felicity should avoid him when he's on the phone. Felicity laughs and leaves, confident in her chances.

Some chinless dude eats a sandwich and looks at some papers as Ben sits tensely on the other side of his desk. Chinless announces that he will sign the drop-add form, because according to the records, Ben is "a natural for med school." Wuh? This must be a dream, because I don't think Ben has taken one science course, ever. Ben is surprised as well, and then smiles and looks incredibly relieved. Chinless starts listing off all of Ben's qualifications, including "an A in Organic Chem, A- in Bio Chem." Ben's face falls as he interrupts to say that he never took those classes. Turns out that Chinless was looking at the wrong file. He pulls out the correct one and looks at it, saying that it's a problem. Ben asks, "How so?" Chinless replies, "Have you seen this?" Heh. And, aw. Ben knows he's not the strongest student. Chinless explains that Ben is trying to take eighteen credits when fourteen is the norm. Ben knows this. Chinless continues, "Your grades -- and I'm not trying to bring you down here -- indicate that taking eighteen credits could possibly kill you." Ben says that he's the one willing to try, and wonders why Chinless cares. Chinless suggests that Ben do a fifth year instead. Yeah, that makes a lot more sense, because I refuse to believe that Ben could make up all the required courses in two semesters. Ben tells Chinless that when he got to college, he had no idea what he wanted to do, but now he does. Chinless considers, and then tells Ben to take a placement test; if he passes, Chinless will sign the form. Ben looks down at the test, thanks Chinless, and leaves.

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