The Declaration

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The Declaration

At Dean & Deluca (which is oddly blue for some reason), Javier proudly holds up Elena's altered wedding dress. Elena angrily asks what happened to the sleeves. Javier explains that Elena asked Almondina to make them shorter. Elena cries that she wanted them shorter, not removed. Javier sets the dress down, puts his hands on Elena's shoulders, and sternly says, "Will you tell me if you're doing drugs?" Elena protests that she's not, and then continues to complain about the dress, declaring that it will have to be completely redone. Javier tells her to "stop exploding all the time." Elena says that she has to do everything herself, and that it's a wedding dress, not the wheel, finally asking Javier whether he can get it right. Javier loses it, and stutters that apparently, he can't, and he's been "busting [his] little behind for [her]." Elena yells that she will do it herself, takes the dress, and stomps out. Javier assures an amused customer that it's okay.

Noel and Felicity eat chips at Epstein Bar. I assume that's still what it's called. Noel has just come from his interviews, and thinks that it would be statistically impossible for all of them to go wrong. Felicity protests that he doesn't know that, but Noel explains that they always tell him that his work looks good, then pause, and then say, "But." That's when he knows it's not going to happen. Felicity assures him that it's just the first round. Noel asks where the summer went. I think he spent too much time playing grab-ass with Felicity. Noel says that he has nothing, while Felicity has the Honors Arts Program. Felicity says that she doesn't have the program; she adds that her father is in town, and that dinner with him will be torture. Noel says that it's her dad who's freaking out, and it's like "the spider thing." Felicity asks what he's talking about, and Noel explains that it's like when people are scared of spiders, but really it's the spiders that are scared. Can spiders feel fear? I don't know. Anyway, Noel urges Felicity that instead of thinking Dad, she should think Daddy Longlegs. Felicity laughs and asks Noel to come to dinner with her. Shouldn't she be asking Ben to come with her, since he's, you know, her boyfriend and all? Noel declines, but insists that he'll be there in spirit. He assures Felicity that it'll be like he's sitting right next to her, "moping about [his] future." Felicity laughs and lays her head on Noel's shoulder. Nope, I don't like this one bit.

Felicity walks back to her apartment, where she finds her father talking to Ben. Felicity thought they were going to meet at the restaurant, but Mr. Porter says he was nearby, so he dropped in. What's with creepy Mr. Porter always dropping in on Felicity? Ben says he just came by to pick up those chemistry books. Mr. Porter remarks, "Pre-med." Felicity looks surprised that Ben told him, and then pastes a happy look on her face and says that she knows. Ben reveals that he passed the placement test. This is where Felicity hugs him and tells him how happy she is for him. Except she doesn't. She mildly says, "That's great." Mr. Porter congratulates Ben and shakes his hand. There's an awkward pause. Mr. Porter and Felicity leave for dinner. Felicity looks back at Ben like, "Dude, why did you have to bring up the pre-med?" Ben mouths, "I'm sorry." Felicity gives him another look like, "Now he's going to be all up in my business, because he wants me to be pre-med too!" At least that's my interpretation. I still don't know why they didn't invite Ben along.

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