The Declaration

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The Declaration

Felicity enters Cavallo's office and her creepy dad is standing there, like, is he stalking her or what? She asks what he's doing there, and he replies that he wanted to see "this class that was so important." Cavallo rushes over and tells Felicity that he hasn't had time to look at her portfolio. Felicity is all "ix-nay on the ass-clay" as she tells Cavallo that it's fine. Cavallo and Mr. Porter exchange introductions, and Cavallo asks Felicity to come back at two, and he'll tell her whether she's in the class. Cavallo walks off, and Felicity pulls some papers out of her bag and asks Mr. Porter to sign them. Mr. Porter wants to know what's going on, and Felicity says she needs him to sign them so that she can pay for school. Mr. Porter looks shocked that Felicity has moved so fast on this, and says he needs to send them to his accountant. Felicity tersely replies, "Whatever you gotta do," and takes off.

Ben sprints down a hallway and around a corner. He arrives at a classroom to find the door locked. Obviously, Mr. Hand teaches this class. I would have just skipped it and gotten the notes from someone else, and then pretended that I added the class late or something. Ben knocks on the door, and the professor stops the lecture to open the door. Ben asks whether it's O-Chem, and explains that the door was locked. Mr. Hand sternly tells Ben that he's late, and that the door locks on the hour. There will be a quiz in the next session on today's notes, which Ben can get online. If Ben misses two sessions, he's dropped from the class. Ben realizes that he's fucked, and Mr. Hand closes the door in his face and relocks it. Whatever. In my mind, if you could manage to skip all the lectures and still manage to pass the tests, more power to you.

Felicity returns to Cavallo's office, and he tells her to pull up a seat. He doesn't look happy to see her, which probably isn't a good sign. Felicity sits, and Cavallo tells her that her portfolio contains "good stuff." There's an awkward pause. Felicity adds, "But..." Cavallo suggests that she take Composition first. Felicity's face falls as she says that she already took it. Cavallo suggests another class with some guy named Bradshaw, and Felicity tries to pretend like her world's not falling apart as she says that she heard Bradshaw is really good. The phone rings, and Cavallo makes a joke about it, but answers it anyway. Felicity pastes a fake smile on her face, but as soon as Cavallo turns away, she looks like she's about to cry or go hide in her bed and eat Oreo cookies.

Ben gazes into a printer and then slams it back together. He does something on the computer, which doesn't work, and he buries his head in his hands. Felicity walks into the loft and sadly starts to tell Ben how she just met with Cavallo. Ben totally interrupts her to ask whether she knows how to make the printer work. Felicity asks whether there's paper in there. Ben's replies are very short, so Felicity looks confused and asks what's going on. Ben angrily answers, "Nothing's going on. I just want to print some notes. Can you get this to work?" Felicity looks incredibly hurt and on the verge of tears as she sets down her bag and fusses with the printer. It still doesn't work. Ben tells her that he'll do it. Felicity uncertainly asks him why he's angry. Ben meets her eyes for the first time since she walked in and shakily says that he got locked out of his class because he was late, and that's why he's angry. Felicity realizes that it was because she was late to work. Ben keeps complaining about the printer, as Felicity starts to apologize. Ben interrupts again to tell her that she doesn't know how hard this semester is going to be for him, and that he's taking eighteen credits. Felicity's expression has changed to a less understanding and angrier one as she apologizes again. Ben gives her the big whatever and storms off, saying that he's going to play basketball. I'm not even going to go into how dumb it is for Ben to think that he could get into medical school at this point, for two reasons. One, this recap is long enough already, and two, I'm sure that I'll have plenty of opportunities in future recaps, since this is sure to be a major story line this season.

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