The Depths

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The Depths

The train has arrived at the next stop and everyone is getting off. Angry Bald Guy wishes Felicity and Julie luck. Annoying Lawyer Guy offers Angry Bald Guy help if he can't get his loan. Ditzy Blonde Lady tells the girls that if they can't work it out, it wasn't meant to be. They walk up the stairs to the street and pause at the top, making small talk about their experience. Felicity asks Julie if she wants to go get coffee and Julie says no, pleasantly enough. We hear Felicity telling Sally that they spent all that time underground and she doesn't think they came out very well. All she can do is ask for Julie's forgiveness (again!) and it's up to Julie. Still, even if they weren't real best friends, she misses her. I liked the ambiguity of this ending -- a lot of television shows would have had them realize they should be friends, or have Julie say something mean. Instead, it could still go either way really.

There's a knock at Felicity's door and it's Ruby. She asks what happened to Felicity and Felicity says the subway broke down. Ruby says, "Thank God, because could Noel Crane be any cuter?" She goes on to say that he's a "nerdy graphic design type but with a total stud body and that never happens." Remember before when I thought they were cute together? That line almost ended it for me. Ruby says that Knoll's an amazing kisser and asks Felicity not to say anything to him. Do you think the writers are trying to tell us that Ruby hearts Knoll? In case you weren't sure, Ruby says, "He's such a hottie!" Overkill alert. Felicity looks kind of bemused and confused throughout, as if she is trying to decide whether to say anything about her history with Knoll. Ruby sees this and says, "What?" and Felicity says, "I...I'm just happy for you." Ruby gets up to leave and says, "And seriously, thank you so much for not coming!" as she walks out. Felicity smiles to herself.

At the fancy party, we see Ben in a suit, talking to Maggie on a couch. Ben is telling a story (and talking more than I think I've ever seen him talk) and Maggie is laughing.

At the museum, Felicity is looking at a photograph. Julie walks in and they look at each other. Felicity, having been rebuffed last time around, doesn't say anything. Julie says that the song was really mean. Felicity says, "Yeah, a little," and reminds Julie of what she said about free speech. Julie says that she's not going to play the song anymore. I got excited for a minute because I thought she said she's not going to play anymore, period. Felicity thanks her. Julie says that the picture is really great and Felicity agrees as we fade out.

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