The Depths

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The Depths

Felicity is making a tape for Sally. She says that now Julie is performing songs about how evil Felicity is. This makes Felicity want to punch Julie in the face. Join the club, girlfriend. While we hear this, we are treated to the sight of Felicity marching down the sidewalk. I half expect some rival gangs to creep out of the alley and start fighting, since her red leather jacket looks like something Michael Jackson wore in the video for "Beat It." Felicity arrives at the loft and knocks, and Sean answers the door wearing an apron and carrying a mixing bowl. He tells her that Julie is not there, and asks if she wants to try the new condiment he is working on, which looks disgusting. Felicity asks him to tell Julie she stopped by, and to call her, and that it's an emergency. Keri Russell did a good job here of conveying barely restrained rage and frustration, I thought. Sean says that Felicity must've heard about the song.

Cut to Felicity sitting in Elena's apartment, expressing her outrage over Julie's playing a mean song about her as entertainment. Knoll remarks that she doesn't know how cruel it is because she hasn't heard it yet, but he doesn't say that in a mean way, so I guess their thawing from last episode has continued. Felicity says she has made overtures to Julie, and asks Knoll how he would feel if she were singing mean songs about him in public. I thought at this point the scene would devolve into an argument between Felicity and Knoll about who was wrong, but thankfully, it didn't. Frankly, I don't really care about Felicity and Knoll anymore. I've moved on, and I'm glad to see that they are starting to as well. Because it's all about my needs, you know. Anyway, instead Knoll answers that he would pity the public since Felicity has a horrible singing voice, but again he doesn't say it in a mean way. Elena shares that when she was in the third grade, a girl wrote a poem about her, made copies and passed them out in class. The poem was called "Stinky Girl." Knoll none too sensitively snorts into his cereal at the title, and Elena says she still remembers it and asks if they want to hear it. Knoll quickly says that he does not. Felicity takes this opportunity to turn attention back to her plight, saying that Elena's poem was eleven years ago, and she remembers it, because it was traumatic. Knoll pooh-poohs Felicity, saying that she and Julie will make up, because if he and Felicity can, anyone can. Felicity says that she and Julie were never friends like she and Knoll "are...were...whatever," and Knoll looks surprised by that statement. Felicity asks the time and Knoll says "10:33" and Elena says, "10:36," and then they give each other the stink-eye. Felicity says she's late and has to leave, and adds that she is jealous that they have their own apartment. Knoll asks if she doesn't like living with Meghan (where was he last year? Hello?) Felicity says sarcastically, "No, I love it. I never have to go see the Rocky Horror Picture Show." Felicity asks Knoll if they're still going to "the Modern," and Elena expresses surprise that they are going to a museum. Felicity says that this is what life is like after pre-med. Knoll adds that he asked Ruby to go with them, which Felicity says is fine, and asks how things are with them. Knoll says they're not dating, Felicity says she knows that, and Knoll is all, "Why? Did she say that? Did she say anything?" which isn't too obvious. Finally they agree to meet at the museum at 2 PM and Felicity leaves. Elena starts reciting the poem: "Stinky girl, stinky girl, don't touch my..." and Knoll says he doesn't want to hear it and Elena gives him the stink-eye. Between this and the time conflict, I think they're trying to set up a little roommate tension between these two.

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