The Depths

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The Depths

Felicity is talking to Sally, and saying that they have to go to the museum to see a photography exhibit for her art class, which explains why she is going with Knoll. She takes the subway, and for once, she walks down the street in regular time instead of slow motion. Maybe now that she cut her hair (and it still looks awful, for the record), the directors figured out that they can't waste time on shots of her hair billowing out behind her and bouncing with each stride. Felicity tells Sally that she was just thinking, ironically, that the subway system is amazing. Just then, Julie stumbles in with her guitar case and Felicity says that she knew when Julie got on, that the ride would be far from perfect. You know what? Usually this show is somewhat subtle, but they are really hitting me over the head with the foreshadowing this week. Stop it.

Ben is cleaning the espresso machine at Dean and Deluca to the strains of "Low Rider" by War. He looks out the front window and checks out a blonde woman dressed in a business suit, probably in her late twenties, who is talking animatedly into her cel phone. He keeps checking her out and rubbing the steaming nozzle, which is kind of suggestive now that I think about it. She comes in, asks for a hundred and twenty-five brownies by 5 PM, and asks if he can handle that. Ben kind of chuckles and says, "Can I handle that you really enjoy brownies or..." Blondie interrupts him by saying that she's a caterer, and she needs them for a party, and her chef just had an aneurysm, and "could you deliver the brownies or am I wasting my time?" I can't believe she's getting this worked up over brownies, but maybe that's why I can't afford high-powered business suits and cell phones like Blondie here -- I don't get that fired up about baked goods. Ben is a bit taken aback as well and says, "My manager's downstairs," although the captioning, for some reason, says "my men are just downstairs." People, which makes more sense? Ben picks up the phone and calls Javier. Since we only hear one side, I can't tell you what Javier said, but I bet it was funny. Ben tells him what he needs, then he says, "Blonde hair, Javier. Come up if you want to see her." Please, please, come up and see her, Javier! We miss you! No such luck, as Ben hangs up the phone and tells Blondie they can do it. She hands him a credit card and tells him very dismissively to "run it through quickly. I'm on a schedule." Ben is once again taken aback by her rudeness and says, "Yes, ma'am" in an offended tone.

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