The Depths

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The Depths

Back on the subway, a guy walks onto Felicity and Julie's car, selling miscellaneous crap. I didn't think people really opened up their coats and offered to sell you stuff -- I though that only happened in the cartoons! Anyway, this fellow will be known as Annoying Vendor Guy. Felicity moves over to sit by Julie and asks if Julie got her message. Julie: "Yup." Felicity says that she stopped by last night, so was Julie going to call her? Julie: "Nope." Felicity says, "Is this, seriously, the way you're always going to talk to me?" Julie: "Yup." I never noticed before that Julie's speaking voice makes her sound twelve years old. Felicity moves back to her original seat, and we hear her telling Sally that her only comfort at this point was knowing that she only had four stops left with "Julie Emrick, singer of evil songs." Once again, a little heavy on the foreshadowing. Because of course, in the very next moment the subway squeals to a halt and all the lights go out and then come back on. There is a garbled announcement (and the captioning literally says "garbled announcement" which cracked me up). Felicity tells Sally that the only words she heard were "remain" and "calm," which she wouldn't have done if she knew what was about to happen, and that was the weirdest day of her life. Okay, writers, don't make me come back there and slap you around. When I say enough with the heavy-handed foreshadowing techniques, I'm not kidding. Cut. It. Out.

A title appears on the screen that says"2:36 PM. 1 hour underground." In the subway car, Felicity is looking in the mirror and sketching her eye some more, as everyone else mostly reads. Suddenly a guy starts talking -- we'll call him Crazy Bald Guy. He says that he just moved to New York last Thursday and asks if it's normal for the subway to stop. Annoying Vendor Guy comes back into the car and announces that he is having a sale, everything for $4. Crazy Bald Guy announces that the reason they are stopped might be a poison gas attack, like what happened in Japan, and the only reason that anyone survived that was because the people left the train and ran down the tracks. No one really pays any attention to him, so he goes on to say that they are all conditioned to be polite and not act crazy, but that being passive could kill them. Annoying Vendor Guy approaches Julie and tries to sell her a harmonica so that she can be a "female Bob Dylan." He keeps pestering her and she keeps saying no. Finally, Felicity stands up and tells him to leave Julie alone. Annoying Vendor Guy says that he was talking to the "nice, young lady." Felicity says, "First of all, you don't know how nice she is and secondly, you're annoying her." Annoying Vendor Guy backs off. Felicity sits down by Julie, who says, "You didn't have to do that." Gee, don't say thanks or anything. Felicity takes this momentary d├ętente to say that she heard about Julie's song and Julie should understand why Felicity's so upset. Julie says that she deals with her anger through her music. Felicity says, "So this is you after you've dealt with your anger?" Felicity has obviously been taking lessons from Meghan because that was a good one!

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