The Depths

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The Depths

Dean and Deluca. Ben and Sean sit at a table and Sean says, "How about smoothaise?" Ben says that is a terrible name. Sean counters that if he'd never heard of it, mustard would sound weird too. Ben asks him to read his list of possible names for his new condiment. Sean says, "Fat-taste-ic" and Ben says, "Fat-taste-ic?" in a hilarious way. Sean continues, "must-ooze, lard spread, wasabe gooze, spice-o-rio, zestrica and smoothaise." Ben concedes that smoothaise is probably the best of the bunch. I laughed so hard at that scene -- especially the way Sean said, "Spice-o-rio" and rolled the R. They are interrupted by Business Suit Blondie, who comes up and says she needs cookies, and proceeds to list them off without so much as a how-do-you-do, and says she needs them delivered - "Do you understand that?" Ben says that he does, but he has to ask his manager. Blondie interrupts to order, "Do it now because I've got a half hour." Ben blows up and says you don't talk to people that way, especially when they're on their break, which he is. He doesn't mind helping her through her little cookie crisis, and he doesn't mind her freaking out, as long as she's polite about it. He doesn't care if he gets fired for going off on her like this and, "Maggie? I know that's your name because it was on the credit card you shoved in my face earlier. My name is Ben and I'm a person." He concludes a little less strongly, by saying, "Just like Sean here." On behalf of every food service, customer service and retail worker everywhere, I would like to give Ben a standing ovation for that speech. We have all had that customer and we have all wanted to give that speech, and I bet very few of us have. Anyway, Maggie is a bit chastened, and sits down at the table and tries again. She asks politely if Ben could possibly ask his manager about her cookies. Ben goes to check, and Sean asks Maggie what she thinks of "smoothaise." I have to say; I like Sean the entrepreneur a lot better than I like Sean the lovesick puppy.

We return to the subway train, where Felicity sits by Julie again and says that she doesn't feel guilty, that she's angry because she has tried to talk to Julie to no avail, and she has to hear what Julie is thinking through Meghan. She apologizes again for going with Ben. Julie asks what she means. I think she means she's sorry for going with Ben. She's only apologized to you like three hundred and forty-seven times. Felicity says that she knows she hurt Julie and she hates it. Julie asks if Felicity would do it again, if she could. There is a pause (but really, not that long of a pause) and Julie says that was "a long pause and that means yes, which I'm not surprised by[sic]." Felicity says she wouldn't have gone if Julie and Ben were still dating. Julie tells her not to try and justify it, that Felicity knew how Julie felt and went anyway. Felicity says that Julie told Knoll, and Julie says she only did it after Felicity was going with Ben. Felicity says that it wasn't decided, and Julie says that was only because she interrupted them about to kiss. Felicity says that last thing she wanted to do was hurt Julie and Julie says that really the last thing Felicity wanted to do was the right thing. Felicity says that the right thing isn't always easy to know.

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