The Depths

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The Depths

At this point, I'm wondering why Felicity even cares or wants to be Julie's friend anymore. I mean, she's got Elena, and clearly, the friendship with Julie would just be one apology after another. I think it might be time to give up. Another passenger agrees with me -- we'll call him Angry Bald Guy. He tells the girls to shut up. He's trying to be patient, but what they are arguing about aren't problems, they're luxuries. Angry Bald Guy says that he's going to ask for a loan so that his family can eat, so the girls should shut up because he's tired of hearing about their frills. Ditzy Blonde Lady says she knows what he means because she saw Rent. Ha! Then Wise Older Lady speaks up and says, "Problems are relative. A broken heart can be more painful than a broken rib." Crazy Bald Guy says that he's taken a pill, so he might not be entirely of his mind, but that he sides with Julie, who thanks him. Angry Bald Guy says that neither of them get his sympathy. Annoying Lawyer Guy stands up, says that he's a lawyer, and that they all shouldn't pass judgment until they know all the facts, and asks the girls why they are upset. Felicity makes to ignore him, but Julie says, "She's mad because I wrote a song about her and performed it in public." Annoying Lawyer Guy says that if this were an actual case, he'd have her play the song for the jury. Crazy Bald Guy says that he'd like to hear the song. Young Hip Guy ["who was in a Janet Jackson video" -- Wing Chun] says that she should play the song. Felicity tells her to go ahead, so Julie takes out her guitar and says that the song is called 'Felicity,' and we immediately cut to commercial.

The title says, "4:11 PM. 2 1/2 hours underground." Julie is just finishing up her song with some yodeling, apparently, and everyone claps. I'm kind of digging that they didn't play the song. As with Meghan's box, it could only have been a disappointment. Plus, I didn't have to listen to Amy Jo Johnson sing. Wise Older Woman asks if it's true that Felicity stole Julie's boyfriend. Felicity says no and Julie says yes. Felicity says that they were broken up. Young Hip Guy asks Julie what she's bitching about if they were broken up. Julie says that they had broken up, but the body wasn't even cold. Ditzy Blonde Lady says that it's sad that two best friends were torn apart by a man. Annoying Lawyer Guy begins a line of questioning.

ALG: Is it true that you used to date Ben?
Julie: Yes.

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