The Depths

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The Depths

Angry Bald Guy asks why they're traveling together if they hate each other. They say they're not - they just both happened to be there. Felicity says she was going to the museum, and Julie says that she was too. Why did she have her guitar with her then? Or does she just use her guitar case as a purse? Wise Older Lady says that they were meant to be on the same train, and the two of them are the reason the train stopped. Angry Black Guy says, "Tell that to the dead guy on the tracks." Wise Older Lady says that the rest of the passengers are all meant to help them reunite. Crazy Bald Guy suddenly spots some Mole People and all the passengers rush to the windows. We see a group of about six freaky-looking people walking through the tunnel. As they get closer, we see that one of them is Meghan! I have to say that I didn't see that coming, and I hope the writers follow up on that, because now I'm intrigued.

Ben is leaving Dean and Deluca when Maggie comes in. She says she was setting up her party when it hit her that she was a jerk to him, and that she likes that he spoke up to her. He asks why she isn't getting ready for her party, and she says she wanted to invite him. They exchange meaningful looks, but don't say anything more and she leaves.

Ruby and Knoll are at Knoll's apartment, I guess. Knoll is showing her a model he made of a building. He says usually he does computer design, but sometimes he likes to make actual 3-D models. She asks if he's used Zap Glue, because it's her favorite. She has a favorite glue? Knoll asks if she rates glue. Ruby starts describing Zap Glue, as she and Knoll get closer and closer and then start kissing. He lays her down on top of his model, crushing it. She apologizes and he says he can fix it with Zap Glue, and they make out some more. When I write this down, this scene sounds incredibly stupid. However, I think it's true that in situations where you want to kiss, but neither of you really wants to make the first move, you do end up talking about stupid things. So it was realistic at least.

It's 6:35 PM, and they've spent five and a half hours underground. Everyone is yelling. Suddenly, Older Wise Man gets up. He hasn't spoken at all. He uses his cane to walk over and gets everyone's attention. He states that Felicity and Julie were never best friends to begin with. He gives a whole speech about how they were just lonely people who shared some experiences, but you don't get best friends, you become best friends. He talks about his own best friend, who played baseball with him and went to war with him, and they were friends for sixty-three years. He says that best friendship doesn't happen in a year or two, and that it's only as valuable as what you put into it. He says judging it after one year is like looking for the final score before you've seen the second inning. So, he doesn't think they were best friends to begin with. Older Wise Man starts to walk back to his seat. That whole speech reminds me that I should call my best friend. Twenty-two years of friendship, thank you very much. Older Wise Man stops and says that one of two things will happen to them. They'll come through this and become best friends, or this will become a memory that will fade into nothing. There is another garbled announcement and the train starts moving again. Everyone smiles and looks happy. Felicity looks thoughtful. Julie looks the same as always. I think she's going for thoughtful, but it's not quite coming through.

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