The Last Stand

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The Last Stand

The show opens with a long, silent shot of Felicity sitting on her bed, in darkness. Remember when every shot of this show had all these shadows? Anyway, Felicity sits there and listens to the sirens wailing on the streets outside her dorm room, and then brings the tape recorder up to her mouth. "Dear Sally," she begins, and then goes on, "Okay, listen. You're not going to believe this."

Neil Finn's "She Will Have Her Way" plays (and I begin thinking about Sports Night) as we see a huge crane shot across a city street, ending by focusing on Felicity walking down the street in slow motion. Felicity voice-over (and I'm going to steal from the excellent My So-Called Life recaps and just call it FVO from here on out) says that New York is the best, even though she was scared to walk down the sidewalk at first. She compares walking down the sidewalk to being "a snowflake in a crazy blizzard," but then she realized that each person is one snowflake. The camera pans around Felicity on a pay phone as FVO says that she's sure her parents are worried about her, so she's called them "a few times, leaving, like, ten-minute messages on their machine."

Now Felicity is in a classroom, and everything is still in slow motion. Maybe if they show all of the footage in slow motion, they only have to shoot half as much, and then they can use the money they save on things like that big fancy crane shot in the previous scene. FVO says that this is the thing that Sally won't believe -- Felicity was feeling okay about "the whole Ben thing," and saw it as "a stupid crush" that "didn't work out, and that's all. Next. Over." In the classroom, Felicity sees Ben walk in and sit down. FVO says that she thought things might be weird with Julie, "because of what happened," but they talked, and Julie is totally over Ben, too. Julie walks up behind Felicity in the classroom. FVO concludes, "So, we were both over Ben," as we see Felicity and Julie both staring at Ben in the classroom. Clearly, neither one is over him.

Students are exiting the classroom in regular motion. Julie is lugging that stupid guitar. Ben walks up behind Julie and Felicity and says, "Hey!" They both greet him; Julie realizes that Ben wants to talk to Felicity, and says goodbye. Once Julie is gone, Ben turns to Felicity and says, "So, you're staying." Felicity says that she is, and Ben grins at her and chuckles. Man, he's cute. Oh, sorry. Felicity wants to know what he's laughing about, and Ben says, "Nothing. I just can't figure you out." FVO says that it "sort of threw [her] when he said that, and at the time, [she] didn't know what to make of it." Ben walks past Felicity out of the classroom, and she stares after him. Isn't that just like a boy you have a crush on, and then you think you're over him, and then he goes and does or says something nice, and the crush comes back?

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