The Last Thanksgiving

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The Last Thanksgiving

Previously on Felicity: Ben met Lauren, and ascertained that she wasn't dating his father. Felicity ran after Ben in the rain, and said that she loves him. Ben is sick of people throwing the word "love" around, and can't forgive Felicity for her indiscretion.

Felicity works on a drawing in her bedroom. Her phone rings, and it's Meghan, informing Felicity that she and Ben will be getting back together this weekend. Felicity doesn't understand, so Meghan explains that she's doing a spell for them, and lists off some of the ingredients in the spell, which include Felicity's hair and Ben's hair. Doesn't Meghan watch Buffy? Doesn't she know that doing spells leads to lying on the ceiling and hallucinating about grass, and then crashing cars? Felicity laughs, and Meghan says that Felicity will feel "really stupid when it happens." Meghan apparently used the same spell to get the Spice Girls back together. Felicity points out that they're not back together, and Meghan assures her that they will be. I thought they were back together, but just doing solo projects? Actually, I didn't know that they ever officially broke up. Felicity changes the subject by asking Meghan what she's doing for Thanksgiving. Meghan is unaware that Thanksgiving is the following day, which seems dumb, because wouldn't she know since classes would be cancelled? Then again, Meghan hardly ever seems to go to class, except for the time when she noticed that other people had appropriated her look.

Just then, Sean walks in the door, carrying a bag of groceries and a gigantic frozen turkey, which would never thaw in one day. Apparently, Sean got the turkey for free by being the hundredth customer. Meghan invites Felicity to join them for dinner. Sean points out that Ben won't attend if Felicity is there. Felicity hears this, and says that Sean is right. Meghan says that Ben can stay away then, because Felicity will be there. Sean thinks that keeping Ben away will be difficult since Ben lives there. Meghan remembers that Sean broke the oven making "heated shoes." At first, I thought this was just a ploy by Meghan to move the dinner, but apparently Sean really did break the oven. Meghan asks Felicity if they can have dinner at her place. Felicity tries to beg off, since it will "make everyone uncomfortable." Meghan reminds Felicity of the spell, and Felicity claims that she's not thinking about getting back together with Ben, which is such a lie. Felicity admits that it would be nice to have a Thanksgiving dinner, since it's the last one. Meghan assures Felicity that the spell will work while we see Sean sipping Meghan's potion in the background. Meghan hangs up and yells at Sean for eating the potion. I thought this was going to kick off wacky "Noel eating the smart powder"-style hijinks, but I was wrong. Thankfully.

Noel helps someone to parallel park a car on the street. The car door opens, and it turns out to be Noel's brother Ryan. You know, [whispers] the gay one. They hug, and Ryan urges Noel to call their mother, because she's worried about him, not having heard from him in a week. Noel claims that his new job is going well. They try to figure out if it's okay to leave Ryan's car there, but there are multiple and possibly conflicting signs, so Noel just advises his brother to leave the car. Ryan keeps telling Noel to call his mom, and let her know that his life is not a disaster. Well, that would be lying, wouldn't it? Noel purses his lips in annoyance. Also, Ryan brought some strudel from the aforementioned mother.

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