The Last Thanksgiving

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The Last Thanksgiving

Felicity and Ben walk into her bedroom, and Felicity pulls the curtains closed so that those in the living room can't see. Ben apologizes for bringing Lauren. Felicity says that it was a nice thing to do, and Ben admits that that isn't why he did it. Ben continues, "When somebody hurts you, you want to hurt them back. And then I look at you, and no matter how mad I am, I want the hurting to stop." Aw. Felicity sits on the bed and sighs. Ben says that he's going to leave. The piano tinkles. Felicity asks him to stay. Ben pauses at the door. Felicity bargains, "Five minutes." Ben turns and looks at her, then walks over and sits next to her on the bed. I want them to get back together so badly. They sit there for a minute, and then Ben reaches over and takes Felicity's hand. She looks at him, and then they start kissing. I wish that I could cheer and be happy, but you can somehow totally tell that it's not a make-up kiss. It's like they miss each other, and they still love each other, but they also both know that they can't be together right now. But they're still attracted to each other. Or something.

Meghan, Sean, and Elena clean up and do dishes. Meghan says that it's sad that Trevor didn't get any questions right. There's a knock at the door, and Sean calls out that he'll get it. Meghan shushes him, but Sean replies, "Oh, yeah. Like they're paying attention to us." Presumably, he's referring to Ben and Felicity in the bedroom. Elena and Meghan discuss whether Elena should continue dating Trevor, because he's fun and funny. Elena has doubts, but Meghan thinks she should dump him. Sean returns from the door, pulling Javier's suitcase behind him. Javier walks in, wearing a funny hat and carrying Mami. Javier grins and jogs down the hall, asking if Ben and Felicity are really in the bedroom. Elena says that it's been over an hour. Javier thinks that is "uplifting," which is good since he needs an uplift, and he's not talking about his face. Javier has left Samuel. Elena points out that Javier leaves Samuel every week. Javier thinks that this time is different, because he brought Mami home, and Samuel didn't even care that the cat was sick. This caused Javier to wonder why he was with a guy who didn't care about his cat, so he left. Aren't they married? Javier just seems a little cavalier about the whole thing. Javier asks if Ben and Felicity are back together, and Sean says that they are. Javier makes a face like he's about to cry and says, "It just gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling all over. Doesn't it, Mami? Well, you're always warm and fuzzy." Mami, it should be noted, is wearing a leopard-print wrap.

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