The Last Thanksgiving

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The Last Thanksgiving

Ryan finds a ticket on his car, and chuckles ruefully. Noel walks up and observes that they got the signs wrong. Noel says that he's going to call their mother, and he keeps saying that everything is great when it's obviously not. Ryan says that it's hard not being with the person that you love. Noel says that's not what it is, because he knows what that feels like, and it's not this. Ryan reminds Noel of when they were kids, and their father would get depressed every night after the news. Noel remembers. Ryan says that it wasn't just the news, and maybe what Noel is going through isn't just his personal life or his job. Ryan admits that he himself has been depressed without saying it in so many words, and that he thinks he got it from their father. Noel says that he's not depressed. Ryan says that he knows, but now when he gets that way, he talks to someone, and it really helps. Noel nods. Ryan says, "You are a good person, Noel." Noel says, "Yeah," but not like he really believes it. Noel apologizes for ruining Thanksgiving, and Ryan says he'll get Noel back someday. Ryan gets into his car and reminds Noel again to call their mother. Noel says he will, and watches his brother drive off.

Trevor shoots some darts at Epstein Bar. Elena walks up and asks him to look at something. Trevor thinks that it's another test, but Elena says that it's her medical school application. Trevor isn't really interested. Elena implores him to look at the last page. Trevor reads a question about extracurricular activities, hobbies, or interests, and then flips the paper over, looking for an answer. Elena says that she's been trying to answer that question all weekend, but she can't, because all that she has done is study for the past four years. Trevor doesn't get it. Elena explains that she spent so much time studying that she forgot to have a life, and that Trevor was right, that good grades aren't everything. Elena concludes that she's the stupid one. Trevor suggests that Elena write about her tutoring, because she's good at it, and doesn't make people feel stupid. Elena smiles. Trevor jokes that he felt stupid long before he met her, then suggests that Elena tutor him in chemistry, and he'll tutor her in darts. The scene concludes with Trevor showing Elena how to throw a dart, and lots of giggling.

Noel lies on the couch with a half-finished piece of strudel. He sits up and grabs the phone book, looking for a listing. He picks up the phone and leaves a message for Toni Pavone, asking for a referral. Noel hangs up and leans back on the couch, looking relieved.

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