The Last Thanksgiving

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The Last Thanksgiving

Felicity sleeps in her bed. Ben is up, getting dressed, and he leans over her to get his shirt. Mmm, shirtless Ben. Felicity wakes up and asks what he's doing, and Ben says that he's leaving as he puts on his shirt. Felicity says that he doesn't have to. Ben says quietly that he thought it would make him forget about things, but he can't. Ben looks at Felicity, and then says that he loves her. She looks sad. Ben says that if this had happened a year ago, he would have felt like he deserved to be cheated on, but now he knows that he doesn't deserve it. Felicity says that she knows. Ben promises to call, then leaves. Felicity watches him go and listens to the tinkling piano that is totally working my last nerve, then lies back down and hugs her pillow, looking utterly defeated.

Next week: Felicity meets Ben and Lauren on the street, and apparently they are dating. Felicity decides to go out on a date of her own, but her date shows up at the door with Ben, which is weird. Basically, the preview didn't give me any information about what actually happens in the episode, except that Felicity straightens her hair for her date.

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