The Last Thanksgiving

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The Last Thanksgiving

Inside the loft, Sean wears a pilgrim hat and puts a turkey-shaped centerpiece together. Sean does seem like the type who would get really into holidays, doesn't he? Ben walks into the room wearing a Dean & Deluca shirt. Meghan invites Ben to Thanksgiving dinner, and Ben accepts. Sean says that it's a little more complicated than that, and reveals that the dinner is taking place at Felicity's apartment. Meghan smacks the hat off Sean's head. She is really mean in this episode, by the way. That's just the beginning. Anyway, Ben backpedals and claims that he's going to spend the day at the hospital with his dad. Sean tries to lure Ben to the dinner with a promise of "imported beer." Seriously. I know I harp on this every week, but Sean is constantly pushing beer on Ben, the guy whose alcoholic father is possibly dying in the hospital from liver failure. It just seems insensitive. Then again, it's Sean. The big joke of the scene is that the beer is "imported" from New Jersey, which Meghan points out. Ben still isn't interested in the dinner, and politely turns them down. Noel bursts into the loft with his brother, and Ben immediately goes quiet and hurries out without a word. Noel introduces Ryan to Sean and Meghan. Sean asks if the brothers Crane have plans for the holiday. Meghan's eyes practically bug out of her head, hoping that Sean won't mention the dinner. Noel says that he made reservations at a restaurant for them. Doesn't Noel's family live in Boston? Why aren't both he and Ryan there for Thanksgiving? It's not like it's that far from New York City. I guess it makes sense for Noel to avoid it, but I don't know why Ryan is too. Anyway, Sean brings up the dinner at Felicity's, and Ryan thinks it sounds fun, but Noel awkwardly turns down the invitation, using the excuse that he wants to spend time with his brother. Noel and Ryan leave. Meghan shakes her head at Sean's stupidity.

At Dean & Deluca, Javier (who is holding his white, long-haired cat, who so would not be allowed in a food establishment) complains to Felicity about the fight he had with Samuel over putting "raisins in the stuffing or who broke the butter dish." Javier explains that it's like CNN, except instead of twenty-four-hour news, it's twenty-four-hour bitching and whining. So, he took Mami (the cat) and left the house. Felicity carries a drink over for Mami, and then asks Javier what he's doing for Thanksgiving, and invites him to their dinner. Javier asks if they can put raisins in the stuffing, and Felicity is sure that they can. Mami starts drinking, and Javier calls her "a caffeine addict." I don't really think cats should have caffeine, but what do I know? Ben walks in the door. Felicity calls out to him, but he ignores her and keeps walking. Javier comments, "Maybe Benjamin and Samuel should spend the holiday together." Felicity keeps looking in the direction in which Ben disappeared, and then excuses herself to Javier.

In the back room, Felicity says that Meghan said that Ben isn't coming to the dinner. Ben confirms this, and Felicity says that she knows that Ben is angry, but he shouldn't be alone on Thanksgiving. Wait, isn't his mom still in town? Not to mention his dad. Ben snaps back, "Who said I'm going to be alone?" Felicity, surprised and kind of hurt by that thought, stammers a bit until Ben says that he's going to see his dad. Felicity says okay and walks away, and Ben looks thoughtful, probably realizing the effect that his statement had on Felicity, and filing it away for later. Or maybe I'm reaching.

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