The Last Thanksgiving

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The Last Thanksgiving

Ben introduces Lauren to Meghan, Felicity, and Javier. Meghan is bitchy. Javier tells Lauren that he loves her blouse, and Meghan shoots him a disgusted look. Lauren hands Felicity what looks like a bottle of wine, but I'm going to guess that it's really grape juice or something, seeing as how she's a recovering alcoholic. Lauren thanks them for letting her attend. Meghan says sharply that Ben obviously changed his mind, and Ben says defiantly that he did, then shows Lauren where they can sit.

Javier takes this opportunity to push Felicity and Meghan into the kitchen, the better to gossip about what just happened and observe Ben and Lauren. Javier apologizes for the blouse comment. Meghan asks who Lauren is, and Felicity says that Lauren is in AA with Ben's dad. Which she really shouldn't reveal, technically, but whatever. Meghan snipes, "Ben's dating a drunk." See, that's why you're not supposed to tell -- it's supposed to be anonymous. Felicity corrects Meghan, terming Lauren a "recovering alcoholic," and says that Ben's not dating her. Felicity goes on to say that she thinks it's nice that Ben brought Lauren, who had nowhere else to go. Meghan says what's on all of our minds by commanding, "Admit that you just want to wring her neck." Felicity says shortly, "He's allowed to be with whoever he wants," and leaves. Keep saying it, sister, and you might believe it. She's clearly upset and jealous. I admire that Felicity is trying to be reasonable, though. Javier shakes his head and comments, "She's so strong. Like Joan of Arch." Hee!

In the living room, Trevor talks football with Lauren. Sean hands out beers to everyone but Lauren. Seriously, what is with Sean and the beer? Felicity walks up and offers to get Lauren something, but Ben snarks, "No, we're fine." Like, in other words, "Leave us the hell alone." Felicity looks chastened. Ben excuses himself and walks out of the room. Felicity looks after him, unsure if she should follow him or what.

Noel sits at Epstein Bar, drinking a beer and chewing on a stirrer. He notices a lady at the end of the bar looking in his direction, and he tries to subtly glance behind him to see if she's looking at someone else. She gets up and walks over, and offers to buy Noel a drink. Noel accepts. Boy, his hair looks awful. It looks like a wig. The woman sits down, and they exchange introductions. The camera pans out, and we see Noel and the woman chatting amiably.

Ben walks down the hallway. Javier appears out of one of the rooms, carrying Mami, and telling Mami to "say hello to Benjamin." Javier makes the cat wave a paw at Ben, who says hello back. Javier says that Ben's new girlfriend seems nice. Ben says that she's not his girlfriend, but "so what if she was?" Javier responds, "Uh huh." Ben says that he doesn't owe Felicity anything. Javier repeats, "Uh huh." Ben asks Javier if he has anything else to say but "Uh huh," and Javier replies, "It's what I say when I don't have anything nice to say." Javier says that he doesn't want to take sides, because he loves both of them, and after what Felicity did, he knows Ben wants to hurt her, but this isn't the way. Ben says that he's not trying to hurt her. Javier: "Uh huh." Ben says that he doesn't care what Javier believes, and walks away. Javier makes a face, and continues to pet Mami, and then tells Mami, "Don't take his side. I'm only trying to help. Oh, now I get a silent treatment. Fantastic." Maybe there could be a Javier/Mami spin-off. Actually scratch that. I think Javier is best used sparingly. I don't know if I would care to see a whole show about him.

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