The Last Thanksgiving

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The Last Thanksgiving

Back at the apartment, Javier, Sean, Meghan, Elena, and Trevor are sitting around eating pie. Meghan says that she's going to put a hex on Lauren. Elena launches into this long explanation, for Trevor's benefit, of exactly what Wicca is, and the origins and stuff. Very patronizing. Javier asks, "Why does Elena suddenly sound like Jacques Cousteau without the accent or the underwater camera?" I have to say that a lot of Javier's lines have been flat this week. They're more like, "Heh," when usually they make me go, "Ha! Ha ha." Maybe it's just me. Elena asks Trevor when the winter solstice is, and he says he doesn't know. Sean answers that it's December 22nd, and then figures out that Elena is giving Trevor the test. Trevor looks at Elena accusingly, and Elena is silent. Felicity comes into the room, carrying Mami, and apologizes for all the drama. Meghan asks if Felicity is okay. Felicity says that she is, but that Mami was making some weird noises. Javier rushes over to check on his cat, and pronounces her "a little peaked." Javier decides to take Mami home to Samuel. Trevor says that he's going to go too, and Elena runs after him. Meghan mouths at Sean, "Good job!" Felicity sits on the floor, and accepts Sean's offer of pie.

Trevor busts into the bedroom, looking for his coat and bag. He asks Elena if she's trying to prove that he's an idiot, and says that he knows that he has a hard time in school, but it doesn't bother him, so why should it bother Elena. Elena says that she was just trying to figure out if they are right for each other. Trevor says that he does know the answer to that question, and leaves. On his way out, he passes Ben coming in, and says, "I hate Thanksgiving." See, here's the thing. If it didn't bother Elena that Trevor wasn't book-smart when she was getting to know him, or if she didn't notice that he wasn't, then it shouldn't be an issue in their relationship. Am I right?

Anyway, Ben walks in and asks after Felicity. Meghan starts yelling at him, calling him "a complete moron." Wow, she is such a bitch this week. Ben tells her to shut up. She does! Ben asks to talk to Felicity, who agrees. They go into Felicity's bedroom. Meghan says that her spell is going to work as she and Sean go back to watching It's A Wonderful Life on television. Sean wonders why Meghan doesn't shut up when he tells her to, and she answers, "Because I have no respect for you." Actually, she says it's because nothing that he says matters, but it's the same thing, isn't it?

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