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The List

Previously on Felicity: We learned that Felicity chose Ben at the end of last season. Sean asked Ben if he would still date Felicity if he knew that she loved him, Ben says yes, and Sean says Ben's not ready for the relationship and he should end it. Ben listens to Felicity's tape to Sally and hears, "I don't know what this is, but I think it may be love." Then, he gets a look on his face as if the meatball sub he had for dinner isn't agreeing with him.

Felicity is wearing a blue peasant blouse as she rummages through the books on her desk, obviously looking for something. After glancing next to a product-placed iBook, she spies her tape recorder across the room, grabs it, hits play and notices that it is in the middle of the tape -- obviously, someone has listened to it. Just then, Meghan walks in with her hair in pigtails, followed by an advisee. The advisee asks if he has rickets, or possibly scurvy, and Meghan shoves him out the door and says, "Get away from me, freak!" Felicity asks her if she listened to the tape. Meghan starts to roll her eyes, but then spots an opportunity to mess with Felicity's head and says, "What if I did? Would you break down in tears, start popping pills or what? I'm curious." Felicity says that her tapes have intensely personal things on them and Meghan says that's why she couldn't care less. Felicity says it would be like her looking in Meghan's box, which pulls Meghan up short: "You looked in my box?" and pulls said box out from under her bed. Felicity says, "I was making an analogy -- just forget it." Meghan says, "Okay, I didn't listen to your tape, but whip it out. You think it compares to what's in my box? You let me listen to your tape and I'll let you look in my box, and we'll see which one is more intense." I break out in a nervous sweat because I really don't want them to reveal what's in the box. I think it's best left a secret. Felicity plays the part of her tape that Ben heard, and Meghan shakes her head and says, "Wow, that was lame." Felicity says, "Whatever, let's see it." Meghan acts like she's about to open the box and then says, "I don't think so!" Whew!

Then there's a real commercial for an iBook.

After the commercial, Felicity is recording a letter to Sally, and tells her that the first week of her sophomore year is done, she and Ben are doing great, and being an R.A. has been a fun challenge. Cut to a floor meeting where Felicity is telling the advisees they've been amazing while Meghan does her nails and looks bored, until she cuts in and says, "Except you!" She points to Scurvy Boy. "You're weird." When Felicity shoots her a look of dismay, Meghan retorts, "He eats his hair!" Felicity tries to ignore her and open a discussion of problems or concerns. Burkey, the annoying freshman from last week, says that while he is laughing on the outside, he is crying on the inside and they should keep an eye on that. Felicity makes the "whatever" face, as obviously this guy has not gotten any less annoying since last week, and asks if there are any real problems. Suddenly, a woman gets up and runs out, and Felicity cries, "Gretchen!" Gretchen pauses and says, "I can't handle this anymore" then bursts out crying and runs out. Felicity tells Meghan she is going to go check on her. Meghan says, "Don't give her attention -- it's what she wants." Felicity says, "That's our job," all exasperated, and Meghan sneers at her retreating back, "Sucker!" Meghan rules.

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