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The Love Bug

Previously on Felicity: Elena told Knoll that Felicity has been driving herself crazy thinking about him and Ruby, and then she turns and tells Felicity that Knoll is going nuts worrying about Felicity's next guy.

It's yet another floor meeting for Felicity and Meghan. When I lived in a dorm, I think we had two floor meetings -- total -- for the whole year. Felicity tells the advisees that midterms can be overwhelming, and that if they need help they shouldn't "hesitate to ask [Felicity]...or Meghan," and Meghan adds, "As long as it's nothing stupid." Meghan is holding what looks like a Barbie doll, for some reason. Carl (you remember, Baby Bird Boy? He's clearly this season's Richard) raises his hand and asks what happens if they get sick during midterms. Felicity tells him that professors won't have much sympathy. Carl coughs. Meghan stabs the doll in the head with a pin and says, "Let's take a vote. Who here thinks we have too many of these meetings?" Can I get an A-MEN? Nearly every hand is raised, and Felicity is momentarily sidetracked, but then she dismisses the meeting. Carl stands up again because he has "another question about [his] health: what does mono feel like?" Meghan sneers, "Like anyone would kiss you." Felicity says she's never had it, so she wouldn't know. A random girl stands up and says she's had it, and describes such lovely symptoms as fever and exhaustion. Felicity tells Carl that if he had it, he probably wouldn't even be able to stand up. Carl promptly drops to the floor. Maybe someone could've suggested he go to the infirmary or Health Services, or whatever they call it at their college. Meghan says, "Meeting over." Cue credits.

Felicity is asking Sally why David hasn't kissed her yet. She details all the dates they have been on, and it's quite a few. We see them laughing and walking down the street together. Felicity muses, to Sally, that maybe David doesn't want to get involved because of his ex-girlfriend. You know, the one who dumped him for his best friend. At the door to Felicity's room, she and David make the standard end-of-date small talk, and clearly, this would be the kissing time. Instead, they make plans for lunch and David walks away. Felicity looks disappointed and walks into her room. David walks away and then turns back, but she's gone. I get distracted because the credits says, "Guest Starring Ian Gomez as Javier." Yes! Woo hoo! Sorry. Back to David, who makes an angry gesture so we know that he wants to kiss Felicity, but cannot for some reason. Eh, who cares? Bring on Javier!

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