The Paper Chase

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The Paper Chase

Felicity sits on Ben's bed, looking at the ultrasound picture. Ben walks in hesitantly and asks what she's doing. Felicity explains. Ben says that it's hard to get used to, and Felicity agrees. Ben sits down next to her on the bed with his shoes on. He could take them off. Ben tells Felicity that he saw the lawyer today, and that the lawyer thinks Ben should move to Arizona. Felicity is shocked. Ben told the lawyer that he's not going anywhere. Felicity starts crying. Ben keeps saying that he's not going anywhere. Felicity asks if she can tell him something. Ben says yes. Felicity says that they think she copied her Art History paper, and then admits that she did. Ben asks why. Felicity gives him the "too freaked out to write it" excuse, and then says that she doesn't even know if she's going to graduate. Ben promises that she will, and he knows he's said it a thousand times, but he knows that they will get through this. Felicity says, "This time, I'm just not so sure." They both look down. God, please let the few remaining episodes be better than this one was.

Next week: Lauren and Ben get into a car accident because Lauren was driving drunk. Lauren appears fine, but Ben is in big trouble. I hope he doesn't need a liver transplant, because Lord knows his father can't help him out.

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