The Paper Chase

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The Paper Chase

Felicity sits in class. Meghan walks in and expresses amazement that Felicity finished her paper. Felicity says that her paper isn't that good. Meghan complains that Felicity will be an A and she will get a C. Felicity is sure she won't get an A. Meghan notices that Felicity wrote about Monet, and says that she thought Felicity was going to write about Georgia O'Keeffe. Felicity says that she changed her mind. Professor Carnes walks in (and she's played by Jane Lynch, who I know best as Christy Cummings from Best in Show, or you may remember her as Pacey's mom) and collects the papers. Felicity nearly doesn't hand hers in, but then does. And then she looks conflicted. This is such a dumb storyline. Do the writers not remember when Ben almost got kicked out of school for plagiarism? And Felicity felt terrible? Didn't she learn a lesson there? Are they even going to mention that? Ugh.

Felicity sits in the loft, rubbing her forehead. Ben walks in and sighs heavily. Felicity asks him what's going on. Ben says, "Lauren's going." Felicity asks, "To Arizona?" No, to hell. Seriously. What's with the stupid questions this week? Ben explains that Lauren's boyfriend, or possibly her ex-boyfriend, is going to Arizona, so she's going to go with him. Felicity asks what Ben is going to do. Ben is thinking about going to a lawyer. Felicity is shocked. Why? He should go to a lawyer. Ben explains what Sean told him. Felicity says that she's sorry about how much this sucks. Ben says that he'll deal with it. Meghan walks in and asks Felicity if she doesn't have to go to class anymore since she finished her paper. Felicity says that she just slept in. Meghan says that the professor wants to see her. Felicity asks why. Meghan says that it's probably about the paper. Felicity doesn't think that the professor has even read them yet. Meghan informs her that the papers were handed back today. Okay. I can suspend my disbelief enough to think that Meghan is in Felicity's Art History class, and that Felicity would copy a dissertation. But that the professor turned around at least ten thirty-page papers in two days at the most? Hell, no. Meghan says that she got a B+. Ben asks if they're talking about her Art History paper. Felicity dismisses it, and then asks when Ben is going to see the lawyer. Ben says that he's going this afternoon. Felicity looks rattled, but nods.

Sean and Noel walk down the street, discussing their upcoming presentation to "the suitcase company." Sean adds that the Bowers presentation was only the day before. Wait. So, Meghan and Felicity were discussing their papers on the same day that Sean nailed the Bowers account. Then, Felicity pulled an all-nighter and handed in the paper on day two. Then, Meghan just revealed that Felicity skipped the Art History class, presumably on at least day three. And yet, Sean just said that he nailed the Bowers account "yesterday." Oops. Noel asks if he can take the lead on this presentation. Sean says that he's willing to sit back and make sure that Noel is using FEPS. Noel says that he might not use FEPS, because not every situation calls for it. Sean can't believe that. Noel just wants to read the room. Sean agrees to try it Noel's way.

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