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The Paper Chase

Javier shows up at (ugh) Rita's house. This whole storyline is so stupid that I'm not going to spend much time on it. I'll just hit the Javier high points. Javier has developed tennis elbow. Javier has found a new guy for Rita in his tennis class who is like Warren Beatty pre-Shampoo. I wonder if an entire generation thinks that Javier is referring to Warren Beatty before he washed his hair. Rita protests that she already has Michael. Javier tells Rita that Michael is gay, and used to date his friend Andy. Rita doesn't believe it. Javier points out that Michael and Rita haven't had sex yet, and that Michael asked Javier to be his doubles partner. Rita thinks that Javier is attracted to Michael, and jealous of her relationship. Javier denies it and says that he just doesn't want Rita to get hurt. Rita gets pissed and storms out.

Felicity knocks on the bathroom door and tells Meghan that she has to talk to her. Meghan isn't having it, and Felicity insists that it's an emergency. Meghan whips open the door, wearing a bright green facial masque, and says that she has a ton of blackheads on her forehead, which is a real emergency. Felicity slips into the bathroom and admits that she copied her Art History paper. Meghan is shocked, and adds, "You're busted!" Felicity begs Meghan not to say that and starts listing off all the reasons she had to do it. Meghan tells her to calm down, and that this happened to Earl once. Felicity squeals that Meghan told her that Earl had never been caught. Meghan explains that he hasn't; before they could prove anything, he went to the library and got rid of the dissertation he copied. Yeah, that might have worked in 1960, but nowadays they generally archive copies of dissertations on microfilm and usually digitally as well, especially at a large university. Felicity suggests that it would be easier to confess. Meghan says that Felicity will be kicked out for sure if she does, and yells at her to go to the library and get the dissertation. Felicity starts to go, then turns and asks Meghan to tell her that everything is going to be okay. Meghan totally insincerely says that it will, and Felicity leaves.

Felicity walks into the sixth floor of the library. That shaggy-haired guy with the headphones and the Chinese food is still there, and totally checking her out. Felicity glances around and eases the dissertation off the shelf. Instead of just sticking it in her bag or under her coat, she walks by a garbage can and drops it in. The annoying library clerk from earlier asks what she's doing. Felicity says that she thought it was the book drop, and offers to get the book out of the garbage. She leans over and slowly picks it out while shaggy-haired earphone guy watches. When she picks it up, it's covered with Chinese food. The music throughout this scene is plucky guitars, and very light-hearted, like isn't it funny that Felicity plagiarized? It's annoying. Felicity starts to walk out with the book. The library clerk asks for it. Felicity offers to put it back. The library clerk insists. Felicity hands him the book and walks out.

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