The Paper Chase

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The Paper Chase

Sean plays SSX on his PS2. Or it could be SSX Tricky. I don't know. Noel walks in and Sean immediately gets up and starts to leave the room. Noel thinks that they should talk about it. Sean says there's nothing to talk about it. Noel says that Sean abandoned him during the pitch, which was unprofessional. Sean thinks that Noel abandoned him way before that. Noel claims that he was protecting Sean's job. Sean informs Noel that he called Mr. Webb and quit. Noel thinks that the whole thing has been blown out of proportion, and that the only thing that is wrong is that sometimes Sean can be "a little bit overbearing." Sean isn't happy to hear this, and asks if it's Noel's opinion or Mr. Webb's. Noel has nothing to say, so Sean concludes, "That's what I thought." Sean storms out. Noel purses his lips.

Javier goes to visit Michael, the dental hygienist, in the darkest dentist's office ever. Blah blah blah. Basically, Javier manages to insinuate that Michael is gay. Then Javier says outright that Michael dated Andy. Michael denies the whole thing. The only funny part is where Javier says that if Michael hurts Rita, he will hunt him down with a posse.

Meghan and Sean get ready for bed. Meghan babbles on and on about Felicity's predicament without actually saying what the predicament is, since she promised not to tell. Sean lies on the bed, despondent. Meghan finally notices and asks what's wrong. Sean asks if Meghan thinks he's overbearing. Meghan chuckles and says, "Uh, yeah!" Sean asks if she thinks that people are put off by him. Meghan admits that Sean isn't a wallflower, and when he walks into a room, people know it. Sean grouses that now his wife agrees with everyone at work. Meghan tells Sean that she's honest, and has always been that way, and "sometimes people whine; they tell me I'm too harsh." Sean perks up and says that she can't help being that way because it's how she is. Meghan says that she can actually tone it down if she wants, but she likes being that way. Meghan tells Sean that he needs to learn when to turn it on and when to turn it off. Sean admits that he quit because he lost an account. Meghan thinks it's the stupidest thing she's ever heard because he loves his job. Sean says, "I know!" The guitars pluck. Must mean it's time for more of that hilarious plagiarism storyline.

And so it is. Meghan walks into class and asks if Felicity's told Professor Carnes to withdraw her paper. Felicity hasn't. Meghan offers to do it for her, but Felicity sucks it up and does it herself. She walks up to Professor Carnes, who was just about to call her up anyway. Felicity tells Professor Carnes to go first. Carnes says that the editorial review board had some questions about Felicity's paper, because they thought that some parts looked familiar. Of course, they did. Carnes defended Felicity to the board. Felicity says it's okay if Carnes changes her mind about publishing it. Carnes says that she supports Felicity 100%, and says that this will be cleared up in no time. Felicity hurries back to her seat. Meghan asks what happened. Felicity talks without moving her lips and tells Meghan that the editorial board knows that it's not her work. Meghan says, "Oh, crap." Hee! Ha. Hee?

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