The Power Of The Ex

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The Power Of The Ex

The editors do the same annoying continuity thing they did last week, where we see Felicity making the same tape to Sally that we heard at the beginning of the episode, except that she gets interrupted. So are we supposed to think that she went back and added the rest of the lines after this scene? It's all very confusing. Anyway, there's a knock at the door and Felicity opens it to find Ben. He asks if it's a bad time, and Felicity says that it's not. Ben reminds her that she said she would help him, and asks if the offer is still open. Felicity invites him in, and Ben asks if they could go to the lab instead. Felicity says she'll grab her coat. Ben looks like he's still not sure this is a good idea.

Sean hands Meghan a check for $50,000. Meghan spent $50,000 on furniture? Meghan asks where it came from, and whether Sean sold his organs. Sean says that Noel gave it to him. Meghan asks where Noel got the money, and Sean explains that Noel got it due to his marriage to Gnatalie. Meghan can't believe that Sean will take money from Noel and not her, because she's Sean's girlfriend. Sean hesitates, and then admits that he called Julie. Meghan doesn't know what he's talking about .Sean says that he and Meghan aren't doing well, and that they argue all the time. He's not placing blame, but Julie understands him. Meghan is incredulous. Sean says he doesn't know if anything is going to happen with him and Julie, and starts to offer up his rationalizations about it being the right time for him to explore, but stops, probably realizing how ridiculous that sounds. Meghan looks upset, and Sean tells her that the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. Meghan stands up and starts to walk out, but then turns and says, "I'm not the one who's going to get hurt. You are."

Felicity and Ben work together in the darkened lab. Felicity explains that an ionic bond is between a positively-charged atom and a negatively-charged atom. That's what they do in college-level Organic Chemistry? Because I learned that in high school. Ben clarifies that it's like "opposites attract." Then Paula Abdul dances by with a cartoon cat. Felicity says that there are covalent bonds, which are more.... Ben supplies, "Platonic." Felicity agrees, and they laugh. Ben asks if he can ask her something. Felicity agrees. Ben says that she seemed kind of sad when he came by her apartment earlier. Felicity says that everything is fine. Ben brings up Noel, but Felicity says that they're fine. Ben asks if she doesn't want to talk about it. Felicity says that he doesn't want to hear it, because they'd probably end up there all night. Ben says that's okay. They stare at each other. Kiss her! Kiss her! Ben says he's going to get something to drink, and asks if he can get anything for Felicity. She says she's fine, and he walks off.

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