The Power Of The Ex

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The Power Of The Ex

Noel shows Hannah the website he made. Hannah likes it. Noel apologizes for what happened with Felicity, and admits that they had a huge fight about it. Hannah hopes that she didn't make things worse. Noel says that he just told her he needs some time to figure things out. Hannah asks what he needs to figure out. Noel says he needs to figure out what he wants. Hannah nods.

Ben returns with two cans of soda, saying that he got one for her anyway. Ben sits down and asks where they were. Felicity says that they were talking about molecular bonds. Ben moves closer to her face, and Felicity gets flustered, saying that they can move on if he's ready. Ben says, "I'm not." He kisses her. Aw, yeah. I'm sorry. I know I should probably hate Ben because he cheated and all, but these two are just so hot together.

Noel shows Hannah how to navigate the website. Hannah is pleased that Noel used the fugue he helped her write. Hannah can't believe that Noel did the whole site in a day. Noel says that he was inspired. Hannah asks, "By what?" And then they make out.

Ben and Felicity are still making out.

So are Noel and Hannah, only they have progressed to lying on the bed. For some reason it creeps me out to see them making out, since they're married in real life.

But it doesn't bother me if Keri Russell and Scott Speedman are together in real life. Felicity stops Ben and says, "I can't do this. I came here for Noel!" Ben, disgusted, asks, "You came here for Noel?" Felicity tries to apologize, but Ben picks up his bag and leaves.

Meanwhile, Noel stops kissing Hannah and says that he has to give the thing with Felicity a chance. Hannah sighs. Noel asks if she's okay, and Hannah says that she's just disappointed.

Felicity lies on her bed. Her phone rings. It's Noel. He says he's not doing anything. Felicity asks if he had a nice night. Noel says he didn't, and Felicity says that she didn't, either. Noel says that he could only think about Felicity. Felicity confesses that she felt the same. There's a knock at her door, so she tells Noel to hold on a second. She opens the door to find Noel, holding a cell phone. He explains, "I'm on hold." Felicity smiles, and Noel walks in and kisses her.

Next week: Julie returns. Ben is happy to see her. They go out. Felicity, Noel, Ben, Julie, Sean, and Meghan play Spin the Bottle. Ben and Julie kiss, and Felicity looks unhappy. Noel tells Felicity that she'll never be over Ben. I hate Julie! I hope she dies in this flashback.

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