The Power Of The Ex

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The Power Of The Ex

Would you think less of me if I admitted that some friends and I watched the Season One Felicity finale last weekend, and you know the scene from the credits where Ben grabs Felicity's face and kisses her? We rewound it, like, seven times. That scene is so awesome.

Felicity walks into Noel's room in the loft and says that she doesn't think they can hang out there anymore, because she just ran into Sean and had an awkward conversation. Oh, whatever. It'll only be awkward for a few months, and everyone will get over it. Except maybe Ben. Noel is on the phone, trying to nail down a date to do something. He says something about his conversation partner being "the busiest unemployed person in the world," and Felicity asks if he's talking to Hannah. Noel confirms that he is. Noel and Hannah start talking about some mutual high-school friend, and then make plans to get together, and Noel hangs up. Felicity asks if he called Hannah, and Noel says that Hannah called him because she had some ideas about the website. Felicity looks upset and says that Hannah doesn't waste any time. Noel tells Felicity that it'll be good practice for him, and then realizes that Felicity doesn't want him to do it. Felicity denies it, and then says, "This just wasn't supposed to happen." Noel asks what she's talking about. Felicity says that Noel hasn't seen Hannah since freshman year (technically, his sophomore year) and then she was just right there. Noel still doesn't get what Felicity is talking about, since he's not hip to the whole time-travel thing. Felicity says that she wasn't expecting Hannah, and Noel says that he wasn't, either. Noel offers, again, to skip it, and Felicity tells him that he should definitely do it, and pastes a fake smile on her face.

Felicity tells Meghan that she can't believe Noel is working with Hannah. Meghan points out that Felicity told him to, and Felicity says that she didn't mean it. Felicity, annoyed, wonders why this is happening, because Hannah wasn't there the last time around. Meghan tells Felicity about "the time-space continuum," where if you change one thing, everything else changes, too. Felicity asks whether her choosing Noel changed everything. Meghan says that it does, as does eating cereal and watching crappy daytime television, two activities Felicity is doing during this conversation. Meghan talks about "the ripple effect." Felicity realizes that it is her fault, because last time, they didn't go to the street fair, and they only went this time to avoid Ben. Meghan adds, "Who you were going out with 'last time.'" Meghan makes finger quotes around the words "last time," which cracked me up. Meghan tells Felicity that she needs to be a more responsible time traveler, and then asks if Felicity is ever going to class. Felicity's all, "Why? I already graduated." Meghan snarks that Felicity might want to make sure that UNY accepts time travel credits, unless she brought her future diploma with her, or she'll be screwed. Felicity looks worried, and then says that she probably should go to class. Felicity asks Meghan whether the conversation means that Meghan believes her. Meghan responds, "What, that you traveled back from the future? No. I might be weird. I'm not a freak show." I think I wish that Meghan had a spinoff.

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