The Power Of The Ex

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The Power Of The Ex

Ben sits at a table in Dean & Deluca, sadly staring off into space. Javier walks over and asks Ben a favor. Javier explains that he wants to audition for Man of La Mancha. Ben has never heard of it, so Javier explains the plot, and then says that he needs Ben's help. Ben says that he doesn't know anything about acting. Javier admits that Ben isn't his first pick, and that he already asked Felicity. Javier apologizes for saying "the F-word." Ben says that Javier can say Felicity's name. Javier asks Ben to listen to his monologue and give him advice. Ben agrees to listen, but doesn't think he'll be any help. Come on! Ben took that acting class where he talked about his keys! He can help! Javier starts giving his monologue. Ben tries to interrupt because there is a customer waiting at the counter. Ben gets up to help the customer while Javier finishes. Javier asks what Ben thought and Ben curtly says, "Good job." Javier complains that Ben wasn't even listening. Ben says that he was, but that he's helping a customer now. Javier says that he hopes that Ben is more help to the customer than he was to Javier, and concludes, "Enjoy your mochaccino."

Sean walks into the loft, and Noel informs him that Sharon Wilkins from the homeowners' association called three times. Sean thanks him, distracted. Sean asks Noel whether things are good with him and Felicity. Noel says that they are, and wonders why Sean is asking. Sean admits that he wants to call Julie. Noel is surprised. Sean says that ever since Noel and Felicity got together, he's been thinking about Julie. Noel didn't even know that Sean kept in touch with Julie. Who did? Sean says that they've been emailing back and forth, and that he's always had a thing for her. Noel asks if Julie is interested. Sean says that he doesn't know, but that when she writes, she says that she wishes that she had someone just like Sean. Noel asks who wouldn't want someone just like Sean, because he's smart, funny, and dresses well. He was kidding with that last one. Maybe Sean and Noel will end up together. Sean says that Julie's number is sitting in his wallet. At no point does Noel bring up Meghan. Maybe he feels like he's not entitled to, since he helped to break up Felicity and Ben's relationship. Sort of.

Javier walks into Elena's room, where Elena is busy putting all of Tracy's things into a box. Yeah, Tangi Miller is definitely not pregnant. Javier points out that the breakup box is sad, since it's "like a little grave for your love." Javier waits a moment, and then asks Elena to give him feedback for his audition. Elena agrees. Javier says that he only needs help with his scene. Elena asks about his song. Javier grins and says that he's singing "To Dream the Impossible Dream." Elena asks about Javier's dance. Javier doesn't have one. Elena says that if he wants the lead, he needs to be a triple threat: "Actor, singer, dancer." Javier asks if Elena really thinks he can get the lead. Elena says that it doesn't matter what she thinks, and tells Javier to come back tomorrow with a complete audition that includes acting, singing, and dancing. Javier is shocked that Elena thinks he might get the lead, and calls her "Sancho Panza, [Don Quixote's] faithful sidekick." Elena says, "Hey! I'm nobody's sidekick, and don't you forget it." Is that a meta-statement about why Tangi Miller is getting the screwjob this season? I know I'm reading too much into it, but I'm desperate for clues. Javier says that he's going to practice his dance moves.

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