The Power Of The Ex

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The Power Of The Ex

Felicity talks to her dad on the phone and tells him that she's pre-med now. Her dad is clearly thrilled, and agrees to pay for her schooling. FVO says that the great thing about time travel is that it's easy to solve old problems. Felicity runs down the hall in slow motion as FVO says, "But then again, it doesn't solve everything." Felicity hurries into Prof. Snark's classroom, and sees Ben seated there. He looks stunned. She sits behind him. Shouldn't Trevor be there, too? How did Felicity's time travel make Trevor disappear? Because I am all for that. Ben asks what Felicity's doing there. Felicity explains that she's pre-med now, and that organic chemistry is a requirement. Ben asks if she has to be in that particular class. Felicity claims that she didn't know he was in there. Bullshit. You're telling me she wouldn't know his schedule? Especially if she's trying to avoid him. Snark tells them to quiet down, and hands out a quiz. How can Felicity take the quiz on her first day of class? Felicity whispers to Ben that she'll change classes. Ben replies, "Good." FVO says that she knew she did the right thing in breaking up with Ben, but that it was still hard, and "maybe it's like in chemistry, how certain elements are just attracted to each other, no matter what the conditions." Felicity stares sadly at Ben's back, and then starts in on her quiz.

Noel is at Hannah's apartment. They look in her empty refrigerator. Noel comments that Hannah still has the same bottle of ketchup from three years ago. Hannah claims that she's practicing "condiment conservation" in preparation for being a starving artist. Noel picks up a CD and asks what it is. Hannah, embarrassed, says that it's her demo CD. She says that the piece Noel helped her with, the fugue, is on there. Noel sits down. Hannah says that she can't believe that he and Felicity are still together. Noel says that they aren't really still together -- they just got back together a few weeks earlier. Hannah asks whether he's happy about it, and Noel says that he is. Noel asks about Hannah's love life. Hannah says that she was engaged, but she accidentally told her fiancé that she's a spy, and SD-6 had him killed. Actually, Hannah just says that it didn't work out. Noel thinks that it was his loss. Hannah and Noel stare into each other's eyes. Hannah says that seeing Noel is "just like home," because they have a history. Hannah admits that she thinks about Noel a lot, and Noel says that he thinks about her, too. Noel realizes that the situation is quickly becoming awkward, so he chooses to make it more awkward by drawing attention to it, and says that he should go. Hannah apologizes, and Noel says that it's fine, and that he'll call her later. Hannah is so making the moves on Felicity's man! Then again, Felicity made the moves on her man back in the day.

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