The Power Of The Ex

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The Power Of The Ex

Snark hands back the quizzes, telling the class that their performance was mostly abysmal. The students walk to the front to pick up their quizzes. Felicity gets an A, and Snark congratulates her. Ben gets an F, and Snark just gives him a dirty look. Felicity waits for Ben outside the room to try to explain how she couldn't switch classes. Ben, defeated, says that it doesn't matter because he's dropping pre-med. Felicity asks, "What?"

Noel returns to the loft and finds an envelope leaning against the door. He opens it to find Hannah's CD and a note inside. Cut to Noel listening to the CD. Sean asks, "What's with the culture?" Noel retorts, "What's with the furniture?" Sean admits that it's a money thing. Noel asks if it's related to all of the messages on the answering machine. Sean says that it is. Noel asks if he can help; Sean quickly says that it's under control, and changes the subject, picking up the case for Hannah's CD. Sean thinks that Hannah is cute, but then he gets to the real reason why he wanted to talk to Noel: Sean called Julie. Sean excitedly spills that Julie is coming to visit next weekend, and Sean thinks that this is his time to be exploring, blah blah blah justification-for- dumping-Meghan-cakes. Noel is silent. Sean asks if Noel thinks he's making a mistake. Noel admits that he was thinking about Hannah, and that she wants to get back together. Sean asks whether Noel is considering it. Noel says that he isn't, but then admits that Felicity is "acting a little strange." Sean thinks that everything is a little strange right now. Noel warms to the topic, saying that if you had told him a few weeks ago that he would have Felicity and Hannah after him, he would never have believed it. Sean points out that he has Meghan and Julie. Then he realizes that he doesn't really have Julie, but that "it's a distinct possibility." Sean thinks that he and Noel might be much more appealing and attractive than they thought. Noel thinks it's weird, and Sean admits it's probably not true. Sean says that he's going to "seize this opportunity," because it probably won't last.

Javier dances for Elena. People, he's wearing legwarmers. It's so cute and hilarious and truly awful. Elena sits in a chair and stares at Javier, finally saying, "It's terrible." Javier asks what he should do, since the audition is tomorrow. Elena tells him to give it up, because he has "dance dyslexia." Javier asks if she can help him, and Elena says that she only agreed to do that before she knew what she was dealing with. Javier thinks he can't be that bad. Elena says, "You're worse!" When did Elena turn into such a bitch? She's always been outspoken, but never this mean. Javier tells her that she's being mean. Elena says she's just being honest, and saving them both a lot of time and problems.

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