The Power Of The Ex

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The Power Of The Ex

Sean walks into the loft and finds all new furniture. Meghan walks down the stairs and says that she knew he was in debt and felt bad, and she understood. Sean asks if Meghan bought the furniture. Meghan says that technically her father did it, but that he doesn't need to know all of the details about where the money went. Sean says that he can't accept it. Meghan says that they can tell her father about it, but Sean doesn't want to accept the money from her or her father. Meghan doesn't understand the big deal, since he'll pay her back and she knows where he lives; she adds that he can pay her back now by taking her out to dinner. Sean says that he doesn't want to have to pay her back. Meghan doesn't understand, because she was trying to do something nice, which is a rare event, so he should take advantage. Sean says that he doesn't want to take advantage, and that he can't accept the money. Meghan says, "Fine," but asks for one good reason why he can't accept it. Sean can't tell her the real reason, so Meghan says she's going to get changed while he figures out where he's taking her to dinner.

Meghan complains to Felicity about Sean's lack of appreciation. Felicity points out that he's taking her to dinner, but Meghan says that was her idea. Felicity tells Meghan that she has good ideas, because talking to Hannah worked out well. There is a knock at the door, and Meghan says she'll get it because she's leaving anyway. Felicity asks who it is, just as Noel walks into her room and asks if Felicity went to Hannah's apartment. Felicity lamely says that she went to take a piano lesson. Noel asks if Felicity is dying, because Hannah thinks that Felicity has a terminal illness. Felicity says that she's fine. Noel says that if Felicity were dying, it would all make sense. Felicity assures Noel that she's fine. Noel says that Hannah told him Felicity asked her not to see Noel anymore. Felicity can't deny that. Noel asks what Felicity thought she was doing. Felicity says that she wanted to give them a chance, because they've only had a week together. Noel says, "Yes. We've only had a week. Because the week before that, you were in love with Ben. And the three years before that. Do you realize how many times I've waited for you to figure out who you want to be with?" Yeah, but Felicity never asked him to wait. Felicity admits that she made a mistake, but asks if she was just supposed to stand by and let it happen. Noel tells her that she's supposed to wait, just like he waited. Well, that's not fair. Felicity sadly says, "You want to be with Hannah." Noel says that he doesn't know. Felicity says, "But you might." Noel doesn't say anything, and they stare at each other. Noel says that he has to go, and walks away.

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