The Storm

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The Storm

Previously on Felicity: Ben found out that his father was getting worse. Noel told Felicity that he spilled the beans to Ben about their liaison.

Leaves rattle across an outdoor basketball court. Ben, alone, shoots some hoops. Felicity approaches the chain-link fence surrounding the court. The Tinkly Piano of Her Infidelity plays as Felicity asks Ben if she can talk to him for a second. Ben doesn't answer. Felicity tearfully says that she tried calling him all night. Ben says shortly that he was at the hospital. Felicity asks how Ben's father is, and Ben replies simply, "He's sick." Felicity pauses, and then begins pleading with Ben to talk to her. Ben tells her to get out of there and go home. Felicity continues to beg, but Ben says that he doesn't want to talk to her. Ben turns away, then turns back to add that he'll pick up his stuff from her apartment later. The music is very Eyes Wide Shut in this sequence, and I don't like it. Felicity stares at Ben, devastated, and then turns and walks away.

Boy, that peppy theme song seems jarring after that bleak opening scene.

Through a slightly opened door, we see Ben walking around the loft. It turns out that Richard is in Noel's room, keeping a lookout through the crack in the door. Richard reports that Ben just got home, and Noel reminds Richard that Ben lives there. Richard reminds Noel that Ben might come in there and rip Noel's throat out. Noel looks at apartment listings online and expresses his opinion that Ben won't do that. Richard says that he would do that himself, if Noel slept with Richard's woman. Of course, Richard would have to have a woman for any of that scenario to take place, and I don't see that happening any time soon. Richard continues to peek out the door, and gives Noel updates. Noel stands and grabs a stack of papers from his printer, asking Richard to help him pass them out. Richard agrees, then reminds Noel that he "always [has] a home at Casa Coad." Hee! I always forget that Richard's last name is Coad, and that it sounds so much like "choad." That's funny to me. Richard peeks out the door, and declares that it's clear.

Noel (dressed in a suit) and Richard (dressed in nothing special) walk out into the loft, hoping to make a quick getaway. Sean stops them and asks what's going on with Noel's outfit. Noel says he's starting his new job. Sean takes this opportunity to try to peddle some Schmegan merchandise to Noel. I have no idea how to spell Schmegan, and I guess that it's probably Smeghan since it's supposed to be a combination of their names, but I'm going with my original spelling until I see it written down somewhere on the show. That's how they pronounce it, anyway. Richard takes this opportunity to suggest that they fill Sean in on the Noel/Felicity/Ben issue. Now that Richard brought it up, Noel has to explain that he slept with Felicity. Of course, just as Noel says this, Meghan walks out and overhears it. Sean and Meghan express shock, and then simultaneously ask if Ben knows. Noel admits that he told Ben. Sean can't believe that Noel told Ben (me neither!) and Meghan can't believe that Ben didn't hit Noel (me neither!). Noel says that he knows this is going to cause tension in the loft, so he's looking for a new place, and sadly walks away. Richard takes the opportunity to let Sean (and the viewers) know that he would love to live in the loft, but his parents won't let him live off-campus. Richard is such an enigma to me. I would have never thought of him as the type of guy who would listen to his parents. Then again, he is kind of a stickler for rules and regulations.

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