The Storm

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The Storm

Ben walks into the hospital. He stops outside his father's room without entering, and sees his mother shaving his father's beard. They are both laughing and talking.

Cut to Ben and Sean, sitting on the couch in the loft and drinking beer. Ben says that his mom used to cut his father's hair, too, and he thinks that his mom just wanted to be close to his dad. Ben says that he wants to forgive her. Sean asks, "Your mother?" Ben says that he's talking about Felicity. Ben heaves a sigh, and then says that he's not like his mother in that respect. Ben and Sean both take a swig from their beers.

Ryan Adams sings "Harder Now That It's Over." The first time I saw this episode, I was so sure that this was Neil Young. Ben looks out his bedroom window at the falling rain, and then picks up Felicity's letter and finally opens it. Ben slowly unfolds the letter and starts reading. From here on out, the words in quotes are a Felicity voice-over, and the scenes described are a montage: "Dear Ben: I dreamt once that I lost you. We were on icebergs and I can't remember if you were floating away from me or I was floating away from you." Felicity lies in bed, watching the rain. "But I remember waking up beside you. It was the middle of the night and it was raining, like tonight. And I heard your breathing, calming me." Cut to Felicity and Ben carving pumpkins together. "It was like we could speak without words." Felicity examines the necklace that Ben gave her to replace the one that was stolen, and he fastens it around her neck. "I wonder how we really learned it, this secret language." The captioning at this point included the lines, "Was it in between the lines you wrote so long ago in my yearbook? Were we whispering it to each other while we became friends?" but they were not spoken aloud. Ben takes Felicity's hand up on the roof, at the party where she wore that hot red dress. Ben and Felicity watch the Charlie Chaplin movie outdoors. "I only know that at some point, in the silences, I heard you." Ben kisses Felicity for the first time. "And now I'm left with words, these useless words, when all I want is to be beside you again." Felicity hugs Ben. The captioning adds, "To time my breathing with yours," but again, it's not spoken aloud. "To make you feel safe, to help you sleep." Felicity watches the rain. "To bring you back to me." Ben refolds the letter, and then lies down on his bed, deep in thought, while the rain continues to fall outside his window. I don't know how anyone could watch that montage and not want those two to get back together.

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