The Storm

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The Storm

Noel works late at his new job. Zoe enters and asks what he's doing there. Noel says that he's working on a CD cover. They exchange font jokes, which is graphic-design geek foreplay. Zoe says that Noel should go home, and Noel says that he should stay and finish his work. Zoe starts to walk away, and then returns to ask Noel if he wants to get something to eat, since she's dying for a pizza. Noel doesn't answer the question, instead saying that he should probably go home. Zoe says that she'll still be around in case he changes his mind. Noel looks like he is torn between staying and going, but eventually picks up his things and leaves.

Ben, Trevor, and Sean play darts at Epstein Bar. Sean keeps talking about how good it is that they are hanging out, and that it's what Ben needs. At Sean's request, Ben points out that Sean is talking too much, but he does so with a smile on his face. That's the first genuine Ben smile of this episode, I think. Trevor thinks that Ben needs "a blonde, brunette, or a redhead." Shut up, Trevor. Ben goes to get more beers all around, but not before asking Trevor if he's sure that he wants another, because of the alcohol poisoning and all. Hey, continuity! Nice to see you again.

In another part of the bar, Noel tells Richard about Zoe. Richard (who is wearing a leather bucket hat that makes him look like a shorter, whiter, nerdier LL Cool J) spots Ben and tells Noel to "be cool." Good luck with that. Noel looks over and sees Ben waiting at the bar. Ben stares back. Richard bails to go to the bathroom. Noel walks up to the bar. Ben stares at Noel, and then walks away. Sean notices Noel standing there. Trevor notices Sean noticing. Basically, everyone in the bar gives Noel the stink-eye, except Richard, who is in the bathroom. So Noel feels shitty, because he has no friends. Which is as it should be. Cut to Noel walking back into his office, carrying a pizza. Zoe is really, really happy to see him. I wish it were just because of the pizza.

Felicity tries to get one of The Tabbies out of the bathroom. When she finally exits, Felicity notices that she's wearing a green sweatshirt. Felicity asks if it belongs to Ben, and The Tabbie claims that it's hers and she's had it for ages. Felicity notices that the sweatshirt has "a bleach stain on the back exactly like Ben's." The Tabbie admits that it's not hers, but only because she thinks the bleach stain is gross. Felicity actually thanks her, when she should have just beat her down. The Tabbie leaves, but not before letting Felicity know that they are out of toilet paper. You know what the solution to that is? Felicity and Elena need to get a secret stash of toilet paper that they hide in their room, and only use themselves. Let The Tabbies drip dry for a while, and see if they replace the roll with a little more regularity. Felicity mutters to herself, "Who are these girls?" Exactly.

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