The Storm

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The Storm

Remember how Ben's dad is in the hospital? Yeah, it's time to revisit that storyline. Ben sits by his father's hospital bed and just stares at his unconscious (or possibly sleeping) father. Jack wakes up, and looks much better than last week. Ben asks how he's doing. Jack asks for his wife, but she has gone to get food. Jack asks for water, which Ben quickly gets. Jack tells Ben about the transplant list while he takes a drink of water. Ben heaves a big sigh and then says that his mother said that they are getting back together. Jack is surprised that Mrs. Covington said anything to Ben, because she was worried that Ben would be upset. Ben scoffs. Jack asks if Ben is upset. Ben says that he's "worried it's going to be the same crap all over again." Jack looks away, and then says that he still loves his wife. Ben stares at his father, thinking about love.

Trevor and Elena work on Organic Chemistry at Elena's apartment. It seems that Trevor is finally getting it. They've both happy, even though Elena made Trevor grovel before she would help him. I think Elena has a lot of experience in making men grovel, which is why Tracy was so good for her. Anyway, Trevor wants to ask Elena something about her wedding. Elena hesitates. Trevor asks haltingly if it was called off because Elena cheated. Elena starts to elucidate, but then concludes, "It's hard to explain." Trevor says that her fiancé must have been shattered. Elena quickly says that they both were. Trevor says that Tracy had it worse. Elena thinks he's talking about the gender evolution thing. Trevor says that he meant that Tracy had it worse because "he lost Elena." And...cue the making out. Ugh. I still don't trust him.

Felicity waits for Ben at a restaurant. Ben stands outside, in the rain, looking in the window at Felicity sitting alone at the table. He stands there a while longer, as if he's not sure he should go in, but finally enters. Felicity sees him and looks hopeful and anxious. Ben sits down at the table, soaked. Felicity makes small talk about the weather, but Ben is pretty much monosyllabic. The waitress interrupts to take drink orders. Ben finally looks up and meets Felicity's eye, then asks what she wants to say. Felicity stammers a preamble about not knowing where to start. Ben looks intensely into her eyes. Felicity asks if they could just sit and talk for a little bit. Ben shakes his head, and says that he didn't come there to sit and talk. He came there because she had something to say. It should be noted that he doesn't say the above in an unkind manner -- just matter-of-fact, but you can tell that he's barely holding it together. Felicity says okay, then looks down at the table and tries to gather her thoughts. She begins, "I wish I could take it back." She continues along this vein, making excuses about her problems with her father, and how upset she was. Ben doesn't seem to be buying it, as he looks down at the table and shakes his head throughout her speech. Felicity talks faster and faster, but none of what she's saying are the magic words that will convince Ben to take her back, apparently. Ben finally says that he's sorry, but "this is just too weird." Felicity puts her head in her hand. Ben says that he has to go, and leaves. Felicity looks like she's about to cry, but then pulls it together and has a look on her face like, "Of course. Of course he didn't buy it. I said all the wrong things. I blew it."

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