Things Change

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Things Change

Felicity arrives at the Health Centre to discover that it is full of people. An unhappy Greg hangs up the phone. Felicity says, "It's crazy in here today, huh?" Greg responds, "Ah, another one of our doctors dropped out of the rotation so now we're stuck with just one. I'm making phone calls trying to find a doctor who can sub for a few days until we can get another regular." Felicity wonders if it happens a lot. Greg says, "No, we get a lot of turnover, but it usually doesn't happen all at once. It's just bad timing. The review's in a couple of days. If we don't pass they're going to shut us down." Felicity asks what she could do to help and Greg says, "It'd be great if you had your medical license." Meghan walks up to the counter and says hi. Felicity asks what she is doing there. Meghan claims that her throat is sore but Felicity comments that Meghan seemed fine in the morning. Rather annoyedly, Meghan tells Felicity that she is not fine now. Meghan asks Greg to check and see if she has swollen glands. Oh, is that what the kids are calling it these days? Felicity groans, "Omigod." To Meghan's great delight, Greg feels her neck and declares, "Ummm, well, they seem fine to me, but if you want to be sure we can take a culture." Meghan agrees to the culture. Greg asks Felicity to make an appointment with one of the doctors for Meghan. She is dejected and Greg leaves. Before leaving, Meghan says to Felicity, "God. Oh, he's so my flavor. You keep your grubby little mitts off him," which she punctuates with the Index Finger of Accusation. Felicity rolls her eyes.

Ben is drinking a coffee at Dean & Deluca and he seems a million miles away. Javier brings him back to Earth by asking him to work an additional shift on Wednesdays. Ben considers for a moment and says, "Wednesdays?" Javier implores him to say yes but Ben remembers that he has class then. Javier wonders if it is "an important class." Ben tells him it is and suggests that he ask Felicity. Javier informs him that Felicity is the reason he needs someone to work on Wednesdays because that's when she wants to work at the Health Centre. Ben is surprised and Javier says, "Yeah, I know can you believe it? Some people consider health more important than muffins. I don't know." Ben continues to drink his coffee and Javier says, "Are you drinking the profits?" All non-sequitorly, Ben rants, "I'll tell you why she wants to work at the Health Centre. It's Greg Stenson. He's this pompous-ass guy that runs the place. He's like this guy -- I'm telling you -- he's like..." Javier responds, "Yeah. Greg. She mentioned him."

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