Things Change

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Things Change

Out on the street, Felicity is walking while we hear her latest tape to Sally. "Dear Sally, I've sort of been overloading myself lately with work, school, and the Health Centre. Just keeping really busy. It's kind of easier than thinking about what's happened with my family. How things fell apart. But I guess the truth is that you can't avoid that stuff for very long. It always catches up with you." Felicity arrives at an apartment door and knocks on it. Her dad answers and she says, "Hey, I, um, I got off early. I thought maybe we could go grab some dinner. Um, but I should've called. I just..." Her dad thinks the idea "sounds great," and he says he just needs to get his coat. Felicity looks around at the apartment, which is full of packed boxes. Her father explains, "The university apartments were all full, so this was the best I could do on such short notice. Apparently, the housing market's pretty tough." She asks if he is going to unpack and he says he hasn't gotten around to it but he'll do it soon. When he leaves the room to get his coat, Felicity snoops around and finds a couple of prescription vials which she picks up to read the labels. Nice invasion of privacy, Felicity. Did your parents read your diary and this is your payback? When she notices her dad in the doorway she hastily takes a seat.

Felicity and Julie are at a computer and they seem to be looking at web site with information about prescription drugs. Felicity reads, "Diazepam. That was one of his prescriptions. It says here it's a sleeping pill." Julie responds, "Well, that's not so bad. Lots of people take sleeping pills. What's the other one? Um, Flurazepam." Felicity says, "Yeah. It's for anxiety and panic attacks. God, I'm the worst daughter. I mean, this morning at Dean & Deluca, I was so preoccupied that I barely paid attention to what he was saying. I haven't called him once in the last two weeks." Dr. Julie declares, "Everybody goes through hard times. He's gonna be okay." A pensive Felicity says, "I don't know." Julie leaves.

Again, I will caution you that I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on MBTV, but I did a little research about Diazepam and Flurazepam. Both are part of the same family of drugs, which are known as benzodiazepines. Diazepam, a.k.a. Valium, is an amnestic, an antipanic agent, an antitremor agent, a sedative-hypnotic, and a skeletal muscle relaxant adjunct. Flurazepam is also and sedative-hypnotic. I got the following information about benzodiazepines from http://health.philly.com/pharmacy:

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