Things Change

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Things Change

At the Health Centre, Felicity tells Greg that her dad has agreed to help out. He asks what kind of medicine he practices and she tells him, "He's a cardiac surgeon. But he wants to help out. He used to volunteer at the Sanford Student Clinic. And he can be here tomorrow if you want him." Greg is pleased with the offer and he walks Felicity out.

At the Loft, Sean appears to be watching a porn video he's made about Julie. Oops, he actually watching the "Docuventary" that he made last year. Ben comes into the room and Sean asks where he is going. Ben says, "Stupid date." Sean replies, "Nice attitude." Ben elaborates, "Just this girl I don't even know. It's gonna end up being boring and lame. I don't know why I'm going." Sean tries to trick him with some fancy logic and says, "So, why are you going?" Ben reiterates that he doesn't know and asks what Sean is doing. Sean tells him he's "raking in enormous quantities of cash. [He] sent a letter to the independent film channel on that Docuventary thing that [he] did last year. And they want to see it, so [he's] sending them a copy. Ben says, "The thing I was in? Please don't send that." Sean tells him that he is sending it and wishes him a "nice stupid date." Wait, is Ben going out with Julie?

Ben and Pam are having dinner and Ben is smiling. Pam takes a big bite of her sandwich, and says, "Hmm. I know. I eat a lot." Ben reassures her that he eats a lot too. Pam says, "This Italian girl I worked with in Bosnia was always like, relentamento di relenamento, which translated means I eat like a pig." Ben asks her what she was doing in Bosnia. Pam explains, "Oh, yeah. I was, um, I was there for six months as a volunteer for the Red Cross. I took a whole semester off to do it, um, which I thought would cost me my scholarship, but the university was really cool about it." Flummoxed, Ben asks, "Wait, you're here on scholarship?" Pam says, "I never would be able to afford college otherwise. I've got five brothers. My mom's a mom. My dad's the pulp processing engineer at the paper mill." Your mom is a mom? You don't say! I think she must mean that her mother doesn't work outside of her home; however, the implication is that women who are employed outside of their homes aren't real mothers. Who is writing crap like that? Anyway, Ben snottily says, "The paper mill. Really?" Pam tells him that's where people from Bishop, Oregon work. Ben thought Pam was from New York and he stammers trying explain why he thought that. They blah-blah some more about Pam being so "forward" and "forcing" her number on Ben, and Cosmogirl magazine which for some reason constitutes a good time for these two.

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