Things Change

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Things Change

Dr. Porter finally arrives at the Health Centre. He apologizes for being late and blames it on being stuck at the hospital. Greg tells him about the backlog of patients. Dr. Porter goes into a room to get changed and Felicity follows him. He apologizes to her again and she confesses that she phoned the hospital. He tries to play it off by saying that he must have missed the message. She lets him know that she found out that he hasn't worked there for weeks. He still won't admit it and claims that the person Felicity spoke to must have confused him with someone else. A reviewer wanders in and Felicity says they'll be out of the room in a minute. Dr. Porter admits that he slept through the alarm. Felicity whines, "But you wake up at six every morning." He tells her that he's fine. She says, "Dad, I saw the sleeping pills. I know that you're taking the anxiety medicine." He snaps, "I will not stand here and be grilled by my own daughter." She says she isn't grilling him. He claims to be fine but she persists with, "It just doesn't seem like you. I don't understand why you would quit your job and not tell anyone about it." He angrily states, "Look, I've accepted all your decisions: dropping pre-med, taking art classes. Now you have to accept mine," and with that, he stomps out.

Elena is checking out the chemistry test scores posted on a bulletin board in the hall. She seems pleased with her grade. Tracy comes up and asks how she did. She crows, "Actually, pretty well." Tracy looks at the list and asks what she got. It turns out that she got 95 and he got 99. He asks her out to dinner. She accepts but she seems a little peeved that he got a higher mark. Ugh, competition bores me, especially over marks. Why can't Elena get a real story line?

Elena and Knoll are chatting in their apartment and he confesses that he misses Ruby. Elena says, "Of course you do." He says, "No, I mean -- I really miss her. Can you believe that? Well, I am sure you can, cause I'm one of those guys." Elena takes him down a few notches with, "Now this self-pity stuff is not gonna fly. I know you much better than that. When you were with Felicity, you were the one that dumped her and ran off with Hannah. You're not always the victim." Testify, sister! Knoll whines that she isn't being supportive and says, "Everything is just so...crazy. And it's not, I mean, it's not only about me obviously. Ruby is going through this huge thing, but part of me wishes that I could be that person, who could just put it all behind me, and move on. Who wouldn't think about how scared she must be or worried that's she getting morning sickness, or that she's lonely." Elena thinks it is because he cares about Ruby. Knoll continues, "Of course, I do. I mean, it's just it's a little hard to reconcile that with the fact that she slept with another guy and she's having his baby. I'm missing her. Like an idiot." Elena sighs, "Look, you know I hoped this worked out differently for you, but..." Knoll interjects, "But you think that I should forgive Ruby." Elena says, "That's what makes you special, Knoll. That's what sets you apart -- it's that you're able to forgive. That doesn't make you weak. It makes you strong." When has Knoll been all forgiving?

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